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The art of producing raised patterns on the surface of metal, leather, fabric, paper or other materials. On a small scale, the material could be stamped in a hand press.

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John Dalton
by Charles Frederick Carter
NPG 1102

John Orlando Parry
by McLean & Haes
mid 1860s
NPG Ax14880

James Orrock
by John & Thomas Spencer
mid-late 1860s
NPG x4973

William Speed
by Stephen Ayling
mid-late 1860s
NPG Ax39760

John Alfred Vinter
by Henry William Ashdown
mid-late 1860s
NPG Ax14929

Elizabeth Vacher (née Pocock)
by Edinburgh Photographic Company
late 1860s
NPG x27115

King Edward VII
by Window & Bridge
NPG Ax24167

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