In painting a glaze is a transparent layer of paint brushed over a dried underlayer. Generally associated with oil painting, glazes can also be applied on top of each other to create a feeling of depth and luminosity in the work, also protecting the paint and adding richness to the colour. In ceramics it is a glassy coating, either transparent or coloured, applied before firing to give a water-resistant, lustrous surface.

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Colley Cibber
possibly from the studio of Sir Henry Cheere, 1st Bt
circa 1740
NPG 1045

Tom Cribb
by Unknown artist
circa 1810-1815
NPG 5812

Sir Henry Wylie Norman
by Unknown photographer
mid-late 1850s
NPG x21537

William Booth
by Unknown artist
circa 1900
NPG 5814

Sir Leslie Stephen
by George Charles Beresford
NPG x12918

Susie Cooper
by Susie Cooper
circa 1933
NPG 6375

Eartha Kitt and an unknown woman
by (Edward) Russell Westwood
NPG x35237

Christine Keeler
by Geoffrey Davien
NPG D2726

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