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Coloured dyes, usually applied with a brush, to black-and-white photographs. Colouring a portrait or postcard by hand has been popular since Victorian times. It was common practice to add a touch of gilding on jewellery or a faint flush to the cheeks by hand to daguerreotypes. In a method used in 1842 colours were mixed with alcohol which dried to a transparent tint. Today watercolour, photographic dyes, oil colour, air brushing and bleaching back are techniques which might be used.

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Thomas Augustine Arne
after Francesco Bartolozzi
1770-1782, based on a work of circa 1770
NPG 1130

'A meeting of umbrellas'
by James Gillray, published by William Humphrey
published 25 January 1782
NPG D12299

Bill Richmond ('A striking view of Richmond')
by and published by Robert Dighton
published March 1810
NPG D10726

Isabel (née Arundel), Lady Burton
by Unknown photographer
circa 1869
NPG x76470

Anna May Wong
by Dorothy Wilding, hand-coloured by Beatrice Johnson
NPG x44636

Queen Elizabeth II
by Dorothy Wilding, hand-coloured by Beatrice Johnson
15 April 1952
NPG x125105

Claire Bloom
by Dorothy Wilding
NPG x4402

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