Coloured dyes, usually applied with a brush, to black-and-white photographs. Colouring a portrait or postcard by hand has been popular since Victorian times. It was common practice to add a touch of gilding on jewellery or a faint flush to the cheeks by hand to daguerreotypes. In a method used in 1842 colours were mixed with alcohol which dried to a transparent tint. Today watercolour, photographic dyes, oil colour, air brushing and bleaching back are techniques which might be used.

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Thomas Augustine Arne
after Francesco Bartolozzi
1770-1782, based on a work of circa 1770
NPG 1130

'A meeting of umbrellas'
by James Gillray, published by William Humphrey
published 25 January 1782
NPG D12299

Anna May Wong
by Dorothy Wilding, hand-coloured by Beatrice Johnson
NPG x44636

Queen Elizabeth II
by Dorothy Wilding, hand-coloured by Beatrice Johnson
15 April 1952
NPG x125105

Claire Bloom
by Dorothy Wilding
NPG x4402

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