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A sheet made from plant fibres used as a support for writing, drawing and printing on. Until about 1800 European paper was hand-made from the fibres of boiled rags and linen, and the best quality drawing-paper today is still made in this traditional way. Less expensive papers are machine-made of a mixture of cotton, hemp, esparto and wood pulp.

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Jonathan Richardson
by Jonathan Richardson
October 1735
NPG 3779

Sir George Hayter
by Sir George Hayter
NPG 3082(5)

Hannah More
by Augustin Edouart
NPG 4501

Somerset Maugham
by Graham Sutherland
NPG 5328

Pandit Ram Gopal
by Feliks Topolski
circa 1972
NPG 6812

Allen Jones
by Clive Barker
NPG 5878

Elvis Costello
by Adam Birtwistle
NPG 6460

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