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A print produced by the first instantaneous one-step photographic process, first developed by the American E.H. Land in 1947. Initially black-and-white film was used, with Polacolour being introduced in 1962. There are two types: the integral system where the photograph develops directly on to the print, and the peel apart system where the print is separated from a negative backing after exposure. Many of the areas it has been important in, such as studio or scientific photography, are now using digital photography.

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David Hockney
by Arnold Newman
NPG P150(21)

Stuart McPhail Hall
by Dawoud Bey
9 May 1998
NPG P730

Caryl Phillips
by Jillian Edelstein
NPG x87281

John Agard
by Maud Sulter
NPG P949(1)

Michael Bond
by Maud Sulter
NPG P949(3)

Jamila Gavin
by Maud Sulter
NPG P949(4)

A. A. Gill
by Terry O'Neill
14 November 2003
NPG x126300

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