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A small-scale sculpture of a three-dimensional figure or animal carved or modelled on all sides, usually much smaller than life-size. Bronze statuettes were popular among collectors in the ancient world and in Europe from the fifteenth century onwards.

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King George III
by Francis Philibert Hardenberg
NPG 4383

Richard Beadon
by Lucius Gahagan
NPG 4901

Sir James Dewar
by Carmelo Cernigliari-Melilli
NPG 2118

Sir Robert Ludwig Mond
by Edward (Edouard) Lanteri
NPG 5316

Albert Ball
by Henry Poole
NPG 2277

James Joyce
by Renée Mendel (née Rosa Minna Mendel)
NPG 5883

Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII)
by Leonard Jennings
1991, based on a work of 1930s
NPG 6138

Jean Muir
by Glenys Barton
NPG 6425

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