A popular method of drawing, engraving or painting, stippling uses dots or repeated short strokes to create an image. In printmaking, dots may be carved out of a surface to which ink will be applied, to produce either a greater or lesser density of ink depending on the printing technique. In engraving, the technique was invented by Giulio Campagnola in about 1510.

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Boothby Clopton ('A prince of the old school')
by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey
published 11 March 1800
NPG D12038

Princess Sophia
by K. Mackenzie, published by Vernor, Hood & Sharpe, after William Marshall Craig
published 1806
NPG D23522

Adelaide (née Lister), Lady Russell
by Joseph John Jenkins, after Alfred Edward Chalon
published 1839
NPG D17932

Thomas Cranmer
after Unknown artist
possibly early 19th century
NPG D24832

Ira Aldridge as Aaron in 'Titus Andronicus'
published by John Tallis & Company, after William Paine
published circa 1850
NPG D17967

Elizabeth, Duchess of Argyll with her son
by William Henry Mote, after William Salter Herrick
published 1885
NPG D7121

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