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Vintage Print

Although there is no uniform definition of a Vintage print, it is considered that a vintage print is a print made close to the time at which the negative was first exposed or a print made immediately after developing a negative Vintage prints often have a premium attached because they are considered the original piece of art, as it is possible to arbitrarily obtain many copies from the same negative. This means that many photographers therefore choose to sign their vintage prints.

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Sir Henry Wylie Norman
by Unknown photographer
mid-late 1850s
NPG x21537

The Meinertzhagen Family
by Unknown photographer
mid 1890s
NPG x128691

Beatrice Webb
by Unknown photographer
late 1910s
NPG P1292(12)

Adolphus Williamson Howells
by James Russell & Sons
circa 1920
NPG x125149

Albert Einstein
by Walter Benington, for Elliott & Fry
18 May 1928
NPG x82213

Bernard Partridge
by Howard Coster
NPG x22839

Margery Allingham
by Howard Coster
NPG x2396

Sir Kenneth Arthur Noel Anderson
by Elliott & Fry
25 March 1944
NPG x86166

Richard Sidney Sayers
by Elliott & Fry
8 December 1960
NPG x91327

by Ronald Traeger
February 1967
NPG x125452

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