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Dreams and visions

Gillray's creatively grotesque imagery was well suited to the illustration of dreams and visions. In some cases such as Political dreamings! – Visions of peace! - Perspective horrors! (D12769) and Delicious dreams! Castles in the air! - Glorious prospects! (D12905) clouds are used to separate the real world from the imaginary. In the first of these the dreaming William Windham is portrayed without caricature, making the dream imagery seem even more grotesque. Windham's speech in parliament against the peace terms then being negotiated had included the question 'are these idle dreams the phantoms of my disordered imagination?' suggesting to Gillray the form of his satire.

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'A phantasmagoria; - scene - conjuring-up an armed-skeleton'
by and published by James Gillray
published 5 January 1803
NPG D12799

'A master of ceremonies - sketch'd at the castle - Richmond'
by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey
published 10 January 1803
NPG D12800

by and published by James Gillray
published 19 January 1803
NPG D12801

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