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Masks and disguises

Browse through the selected illustrative portraits below, or explore a special feature relating to portraiture and disguise.


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Unity More
by Bassano Ltd
6 July 1912
NPG x101645

Renée Kelly
by Bassano Ltd
2 August 1912
NPG x101805

Kathlene Martyn
by E.O. Hoppé
circa 1917
NPG Ax132930

Ogna Hicks
by Bassano Ltd
27 January 1921
NPG x101195

Viola Tree
by Bassano Ltd
6 January 1923
NPG x34400

Anna May Wong
by Dudley Glanfield
25 April 1929
NPG x126864

Victor Musgrave
by Unknown photographer
late 1940s
NPG x134025

Kathleen Biggar
by Madame Yevonde
circa 1968
NPG x31544

Angus McBean
by Peter Everard Smith
19 May 1987
NPG x38394

Theo Crosby
by Graham Miller
NPG x132386

Steven Berkoff
by Alastair Thain
NPG x126917

Philip Pullman
by Eamonn McCabe
October 2001
NPG P958

by James Pfaff
NPG x131404

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