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Queen Elizabeth II
by John Swannell
November 2001
NPG x125851

Virginia Woolf
by George Charles Beresford
July 1902
NPG P221

David Bowie
by David Wedgbury
NPG x47344

by Allan Ballard
late 1960s
NPG x125465

Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII)
by Hugh Cecil (Hugh Cecil Saunders)
NPG P136

Isambard Kingdom Brunel
by Robert Howlett, published by London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company
November 1857
NPG x4836

Sir David Attenborough
by Richard Boll
7 February 2007
NPG P1296

Rupert Brooke
by Sherril Schell
April 1913
NPG P101(e)

Wilfred Owen
by John Gunston
NPG P515

Joe Orton
by Lewis Morley
NPG P512(16)

Oscar Wilde
by Napoleon Sarony

Betty Linley
by Bassano Ltd
NPG x103060

Charles Darwin
by Lock & Whitfield
NPG x5939

Joe Orton
by Lewis Morley
NPG x45226

Laurence Olivier
by Walter Stoneman
March 1950
NPG x21956

Vaslav Nijinsky
by Elliott & Fry
NPG x82271

'The Royal Gathering at Osborne'
by Arthur William Debenham, published by Rotary Photographic Co Ltd
4 August 1909
NPG x33257

Harry Patch
by Giles Price
7 December 2004
NPG x127190

Isambard Kingdom Brunel
by Robert Howlett
November 1857
NPG P112

Virginia Woolf
by Lady Ottoline Morrell
June 1926
NPG Ax142598

Vic Reeves
by Trevor Leighton
NPG x88386

Joe Orton
by Lewis Morley
NPG x88373

King George VI
by Walter Stoneman
NPG x39404

Sir Richard Francis Burton
by Ernest Edwards, published by Alfred William Bennett
published 1865 (April 1865)
NPG x14771

Ninette de Valois
by Bassano Ltd
25 August 1920
NPG x18944

King George VI
by Bertram Park
15 March 1938
NPG x1693

Henry Paget King-Fretts
by Bassano Ltd
13 June 1940
NPG x154286

Harry Barnes
by Bassano Ltd
23 March 1922
NPG x121426

Frances Mary Buss
by James Russell & Sons
circa 1875
NPG P719

Sir Ernest Thomas ('Ernie') Harrison
by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
22 April 2005
NPG P1113

Charles Darwin
by Maull & Polyblank
circa 1855
NPG P106(7)

Edward John Hutchins
by Thomas Richard Williams
circa 1862
NPG Ax46849

Henry Leonidas Rolfe
by Rolfe's Portrait Studio
NPG Ax14933

Virginia Woolf
by Lady Ottoline Morrell
June 1926
NPG Ax142592

Lytton Strachey; Virginia Woolf
by Lady Ottoline Morrell
June 1923
NPG Ax141463

Samuel Beckett
by Peter Keen
early 1960s
NPG x88866

Herbert Stanley Morrison, Baron Morrison of Lambeth
by Harold Tomlin, for Daily Herald
11 July 1937
NPG x88274

by Lewis Morley
NPG x87161

Marianne Faithfull
by David Wedgbury
NPG x47346

Virginia Woolf
by George Charles Beresford
July 1902
NPG P220

Sir John Betjeman
by Granville Davies
December 1982
NPG x17992

Marianne Faithfull
by Michael Ward
26 July 1967
NPG x88843

Terence Stamp
by Michael Seymour
NPG x88499

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