Digital ’60s

Digitising a decade of defining history at the National Portrait Gallery

The 1960s brought about a revolution at the National Portrait Gallery. From its first major temporary exhibition, to the changing of the ‘10 year rule’, and with the appointment of Director Roy Strong, the Gallery was watered from new and exciting directions and bloomed beautifully over the course of the decade. We have selected some particularly interesting material from the Gallery Archive to accompany this journey through the ‘60s.

The purpose of this project is to highlight the wealth of material available at the Heinz Archive and Library, and promote its digitisation and thus widespread availability

‘The Culture Quarter Programme Team explore innovative ways to interpret, display and provide access to material from the National Portrait Gallery’s institutional archive in a digital world.’ – Bryony Millan, Acting Archivist

Please see the About section to read more on Digital Domesday, the initiative that sparked this idea, and the Culture Quarter Programme, who made the project possible.