Letter from de László to Sir Richard Winn Livingstone - 13 May 1935

Letter from Philip de László, dated 13 May 1935, responding to Sir Richard Winn Livingstone's appreciation of his portrait of Inge

13th May, 1935.

My dear Livingstone,

It gave me much pleasure to receive your very welcome letter, and to know that you appreciate the way in which I have presented the character and personality of Dr. Inge in his portrait. How he impressed me I endeavoured to write down on the canvas, and it pleases me greatly to see from the way in which you analyse it that I have succeeded. It was the same picture which you saw at his house which is reproduced in the Illustrated London News.

I am expecting Lucy back tomorrow from Scotland, where she has been visiting her sister Constance, and the Balfours. I have been a bachelor for ten days, but always, as usual, very busy. We hope to see you both here soon.

We intend to visit John early in June, I believe he is working well for his forthcoming examination. I am sorry to think that this is his last term, it is rather depressing to realise how time is passing. Our three youngest boys have all been at Balliol, and we have always enjoyed visiting them there, but it is satisfactory to know that two have left a good record there, and I hope the third will also.

We much look forward to seeing you both in Oxford while we are there.

My kindest regards to you both, from

Yours very sincerely,