Letter from Duchess of Portland - 14th July 1933

Letter from Winifred Anna Cavendish-Bentinck, Duchess of Portland, dated 14th July 1933, reporting her admiration for the portrait of Byng

3, Grosvenor Square.
July 14th 1933.

My dear Laszlo

I have seen the beautiful Exhibition of your really wonderful pictures & cannot tell you

how much I enjoyed seeing them. I don't know which I admired most but the picture of my old & very

good friend Lord Byng stands out in my memory. I think it is a most wonderful likeness of a very strong personality. Lady Airlie too

is wonderful & Annie Ahlers but they all fascinate me. I was so pleased to see you. We have been such good friends

for so long & I assure you I much value the affection that exists between us.

I am
Yours Ever