Research programmes

The Gallery’s research programmes support its mission to promote an understanding of the men and women who have made and are making British history and culture and to promote the appreciation of portraiture in all media. As such its major research areas are history, biography and the history of art and photography from the sixteenth century to the present day. This interdisciplinary approach is conducted both through research on the Gallery’s own collections and through fostering research into the broader field of portraiture.

Danish-British portraiture

HM Queen Margrethe II’s distinguished postdoctoral fellowships on the subject of Danish-British portraiture are the result of a partnership between the Gallery and the National Museum of History in Frederiksborg, with the support of the Carlsberg Foundation. The fellowships began in April 2016 and ran for two years, with one of the fellows being based at the Gallery.

Anne of Denmark 
by John De Critz the Elder
oil on canvas, circa 1605-1610
NPG 6918

    Anne of Denmark,    by John De Critz the Elder,    circa 1606-1608,    NPG 6918,    © National Portrait Gallery, London Anne of Denmark, by John De Critz the Elder, circa 1606-1608