Making Art in Tudor Britain

In April 2007 the Gallery began a major research project to transform understanding of early painting practice and the production of portraits in the Tudor and Jacobean periods. We undertook a scientific survey of over 80 of the most important portraits from the Gallery's Collection in the period 1500-1620.

Extended abstracts and videos

Abstracts of papers presented at Tudor and Jacobean Painting: Production, Influences and Patronage

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Extended abstracts and videos

Abstracts from Academic Workshops (2007-8)

Funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council

Workshop 1 (September 2007)

Histories of Artistic Practice in Tudor England: the research landscape, methodologies and uses of technical evidence

Workshop 1

Workshop 2 (November 2007)

Tudor Artists or Artisans? Native practices, methods, materials and the context of craft production

Workshop 2

Workshop 3 (March 2008)

Foreign Artists working in England in the early Sixteenth century

Workshop 3

Workshop 4 (December 2008)

English Portraiture: Holbein and Beyond

Workshop 4