Tudor and Jacobean Portraits Database

This catalogue provides further technical and art historical information about some of the Gallery’s sixteenth and seventeenth century portraits. These pictures have been examined as part of a five-year research project called 'Making Art in Tudor Britain'. The catalogue can be searched either by sitter name or by scrolling down an A-Z listing to view entries that are currently available. You can alternatively search by keyword and choose to restrict your search to a specific area of the database entry for each sitter or portrait. A series of drop-down menus are available to help you to find the information you are looking for.

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At present we are currently trialing a selection of 10 paintings from our first year's research. The rest of the first year's paintings and those from the second and third years will follow during the course of 2011. Portraits that can now be viewed includes those for King Edward IV, King Henry VII, Thomas Cranmer and a double portrait of Gerlach Flicke and Henry Strangwish.

If you are having trouble locating a sitter, try searching just by the surname.

Alternatively you can review precisely who is featured on the View A-Z of all sitters in the Tudor and Jacobean Portraits Database link