Making Art in Tudor Britain Research Team

The research team on the Making Art in Tudor Britain project

The research team on the Making Art in Tudor Britain project
Left: Tarnya Cooper and Sophie Plender
Right Catherine Daunt and Sally Marriott

Four members of staff work on this research project, as well as one post-doctoral research assistant and two doctoral students. They undertake technical analysis and art historical research on the Tudor collections.

Principal Investigator: Dr Tarnya Cooper (Curator of Sixteenth Century Collections)
Personal publications

Co-investigator: Professor Maurice Howard (Sussex University)

Co-investigator: Dr Aviva Burnstock (The Courtauld Institute of Art)

Co-investigator: Sophie Plender (Senior Research Conservator)
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Assistant Research Conservator: Polly Saltmarsh
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Assistant Research Conservator: Sally Marriott (on maternity leave)

Project Curator: Charlotte Bolland

Post Doctoral Research Assistant: Dr Edward Town
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Funded by the Leverhulme Trust

PhD Student: Catherine Daunt (Sussex University)
Funded by the Leverhulme Trust

PhD student: Caroline Rae (The Courtauld Institue of Art)
Funded by the Leverhulme Trust

Additional research services
Paint sampling: Dr Libby Sheldon (University College London)
Dendrochronlogy: Dr Ian Tyers (Dendrochronological Ltd)
Infared Reflectography: Kate Stonor and Clare Richardson (Tager Stonor Richardson)

Our publications relating to this project include:

  • Tarnya Cooper, ‘Making Art in Tudor Britain: New research on Tudor Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery', The British Art Journal, Vol. ix, no.3, pp.3-11
  • Tarnya Cooper, Sophie Plender and Sally Marriott, ‘Making Art in Tudor Britain: Technical analysis on the Tudor Collections at the National Portrait Gallery 2007-2009', The Picture Restorer, no. 36, Spring 2010, pp.18-23

Tarnya Cooper's personal publications:

  • 2015 Editor of essay volume: co-editor of a volume of twenty-five essays entitled Painting in England: artistic practice, patronage and display (with Maurice Howard, Aviva Burnstock and Edward Town) published by the British Academy, for OUP
  • 2014: Editor: National Portrait Gallery, A Portrait of Britain, NPG
  • September 2014 Co-authored book: The Real Tudors: kings and queens re-discovered (with Charlotte Bolland), National Portrait Gallery
  • October 2013 Exhibition catalogue: Elizabeth I and her People, National Portrait Gallery (Curator and editor)
  • July 2013 Article: (with Prof. Andrew Hadfield) ‘Edmund Spenser and Elizabethan Portraiture’ in Renaissance Studies
  • September 2012 Single author book: Citizen Portrait: Portrait Painting and the Urban Elites of Tudor and Jacobean England and Wales 1540-1620, Yale University Press
  • Dec 2010 Article: ‘Professional Pride and Personal Agendas: Portraits of Judges, Lawyers, and Members of the Inns of Court, 1560-1630’in The Inns of Court in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, edited by Elizabeth Goldring et. al.
  • June 2010 Article: (with C. MacLeod) ‘The portraits in the Lumley Inventory’, The Lumley Inventory, Roxburghe Club
  • Feb 2010 Display publication: Imagined Lives (edited), NPG and National Trust (Montacute House)
  • May 2010 Article: ‘The Enchantment of the Familiar Face: Portraits as Domestic Objects in Elizabethan and Jacobean England’ in Everyday Objects: Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture edited by Tara Hamling and Catharine Richardson, Ashgate
  • January 2009 Article: ‘Making Art in Tudor Britain: New research on Tudor Portraiture at the National Portrait Gallery’, The British Art Journal, Vol. ix, no.3, pp.3-11
  • March 2008 Single author book: Tudor and Jacobean Portraiture: A Short Introductory Guide, National Portrait Gallery
  • December 2007 Article: ‘Predestined Lives? Portraiture and Religious Belief in England and Wales 1560-1620’, in a volume of essays entitled Art Reformed: Re-Assessing the impact of the Reformation on the visual arts, edited by Tara Hamling and Richard Williams, Cambridge Scholars Press
  • February 2006 Exhibition Catalogue: Searching for Shakespeare, National Portrait Gallery, NPG and Yale University Press (sole editor and curator and author of essay: “Silent ‘Oratory’ Portrait Painting in England Around 1600).”
  • May 2003 Essay: ‘The Queen’s Visual Presence’ in Elizabeth, Exhibition Catalogue for the National Maritime Museum and Chatto and Windus, ed. Susan Doran (+ 45 catalogue entries on Elizabethan paintings)
  • Nov 2004 Exhibition catalogue: Paper Cities: Topography and Imagination in Urban Europe c. 1490-1780, Strang Print Room, University College London
  • July 2002 Essay: ‘A Painting with a Past, Locating the Artist and the Sitter’ in Shakespeare’s Face, Stephanie Nolen, Toronto: Alfred A. Knopf
  • July 2001 D.Phil. Thesis: ‘Memento Mori Portraiture: Painting Protestant Culture and Patronage by Middle Elites in England and Wales 1540-1630’ awarded from the University of Sussex
  • April 2000 Essay: ‘Frail Fresh as in a Glass’ The portrait as an immortal presence in early modern England’, in Fashioning Identities in Renaissance Art, ed. Mary Rogers, Aldershot: Ashgate
  • September 1998 Essay: ‘Early Modern Collecting in Northern Europe: copied drawings and printed prototypes’ in Drawing 1400-1600, ed. Stuart Currie, Aldershot: Ashgate
  • January 1997 Exhibition Catalogue: Refashioning Death: Vanitas Prints from Northern Europe 1514 - 1640. (curator/author)Exhibition in the Strang Print Room, University College London

Sophie Plender's Personal publications:

  • 2010 ‘Making Art in Tudor Britain', in The Picture Restorer (Journal of the British Association of Conservator Restorers) No. 36, Spring
  • 2007 ‘The Agony and Ecstasy, Guido Reni's Saint Sebastian', Guido Reni, Exhibition catalogue, Dulwich Picture Gallery
  • 2001 ‘The Kingston Lacy Screenwork', with Ray Marchant, in The Picture Restorer, No. 19, Spring.
  • 1997 ‘An English Painted Screen at Kingston Lacy', Appendix on materials and technique, in article by Charles Tracey, in Apollo Magazine, VOL CXLVI No. 425, July.
  • 1995 ‘Conserving Old Masters, Description of conservation and technique of five paintings by Teniers, Cuyp, Rubens, Storck', Exhibition catalogue, Dulwich Picture Gallery.
  • 1993 ‘The Development of Rembrandt's Girl at a Window', Rembrandt's Girl at a Window, Exhibition catalogue, Dulwich Picture Gallery:

Polly Saltmarsh's Personal publications:

  • Forthcoming 2011 ‘Sensitivity of Oil Paint Surfaces to Aqueous and other Solvents’, Hannah Tempest, Aviva Burnstock, Polly Saltmarsh, and Klaas Jan van den Berg presented at the Cleaning 2010 – New Insights into the Cleaning of Paintings, Valencia

Edward Town's Personal publications:

  • 2011 Article (with Olivia Fryman), ‘Lionel Cranfield and the Furnishing of Chelsea House 1620-25’, Furniture History Society Newsletter, pp. 1-5
  • 2010 Article (with Alden Gregory), ‘Trouble at the Gate – Conflicts and Controversy at Knole 1456-1645’, in The National Trust Historic Houses and Collections Annual 2010, Apollo, 2010, pp. 44-9