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The Advanced search enables you to place further restrictions on a search. To perform an advanced search, first decide whether you wish to search for a person or a portrait. If you wish to search for a person you can restrict the search by:

Entering a whole or partial name into the Name field, e.g. church, churchill, Sir Winston Spencer Churchill or winst church

Selecting sitters only, artists only or both sitters and artists

Entering an occupation or role into the Profession field, e.g. mistress, duke. NB this field sometimes contains pen names and aliases, so if you are having difficulty finding a particular person, you might try entering their name here.

Selecting a category of profession from those listed in the Professional category field, e.g. Royalty, Rulers and Aristocracy.

The list of people or portraits returned by an advanced search will match all of the search criteria that you have selected.

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