Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

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Walter Dendy Sadler (1854-1923), Genre painter

George Salting (1835-1909), Art collector and benefactor

(Edward) Linley Sambourne (1844-1910), Cartoonist and illustrator

(Anthony) Frederick Augustus Sandys (1829-1904), Painter and illustrator

James Sant (1820-1916), Painter

Oliver François Xavier Sarony (1820-1879), Portrait photographer; brother of Napoleon Sarony

Sir George Scharf (1820-1895), Artist and art historian; first Director of the National Portrait Gallery

William Bell Scott (1811-1890), Poet and painter

Mary Jane Seacole (née Grant) (1805-1881), Jamaican nurse, adventurer and writer

Frederick Courteney Selous (1851-1917), Hunter and explorer

Henry Courtney Selous (1803-1890), Painter and lithographer

Charles Haslewood Shannon (1863-1937), Painter and lithographer

William Sharpey (1802-1880), Physiologist

Sir Edward Sharpey-Schafer (1850-1935), Physiologist

Sir Francis Job ('Frank') Short (1857-1945), Etcher, engraver and teacher of printmaking

James Smetham (1821-1889), Painter and essayist

Samuel Smiles (1812-1904), Social reformer; author of 'Self Help'

Solomon Joseph Solomon (1860-1927), Painter; pioneer of camouflage techniques

Joseph Edward Southall (1861-1944), Artist and craftsman

Elizabeth Southerden (née Thompson), Lady Butler (1846-1933), Military painter; wife of Sir William Francis Butler

Reginald Southey (1835-1899), Physician; nephew of Robert Southey

Marion Harry Spielmann (1858-1948), Art historian

Sir Henry Morton Stanley (1841-1904), Explorer and journalist

Frederic George Stephens (1828-1907), Pre-Raphaelite painter and art critic

Marcus Clayton Stone (1840-1921), Genre painter and illustrator; son of Frank Stone

William Strang (1859-1921), Painter and etcher

Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (1845-1916), Dilettante, sculptor and writer