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Shoreham and the Ancients

5 People in artist grouping:

Widely regarded as the first English example of an artistic brotherhood, the Ancients (active from c.1824) were based on earlier European groups such as the French 'Primtifs' and the German 'Lukasbund', later known as the 'Nazarenes'. The Ancients, in turn, would inspire subsequent brotherhoods, such as the Pre-Raphaelites, in the study of medieval and early renaissance art. With their reversion to rustic and sometimes religious landscapes and figure compositions, the work of the Ancients is now appreciated as some of the most enduring work of the Romantic era. The Ancients membership was predominantly made up of students at the Royal Academy, and their traditional and right-leaning political values were reflected in the adoption, by some members, of a uniform of Christ-like robes. Although primarily based in London, the group would spend much of its time in Shoreham, Kent, where the locals looked upon them as eccentrics, as they went about their night time walks.

John Linnell

John Linnell

Sitter in 8 portraits | Artist associated with 69 portraits
Samuel Palmer

Samuel Palmer

Landscape painter and etcher
Sitter in 5 portraits
George Richmond

George Richmond

Portrait painter and draughtsman; son of Thomas Richmond
Sitter in 14 portraits | Artist associated with 325 portraits
Francis Oliver Finch

Francis Oliver Finch

Sitter in 1 portrait
No individual image available for this person

Frederick Tatham

Artist associated with 4 portraits

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