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Holland House set

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Holland House, a grand Jacobean mansion in Kensington built c.1605, was home to the Holland House set, which centred on its residents, Henry Richard Fox, 3rd Baron Holland and his wife Elizabeth Vassall Fox, Lady Holland. From 1797, until the death of Lady Holland in 1840, which had been closely preceded by the death of the Baron, the Holland's hosted an extraordinary group of politicians, writers, poets, historians and doctors- brought in to combat the Baron's extreme hypochondria. Membership of the set required a certain amount of talent and aristocratic breeding, and it became home to the key British and foreign intellectuals of the day, who gathered to dine and discuss history, literature and politics. With no strict religious agenda, the most common bond and topic of conversation at the evenings was often Whiggist politics and developments in government. The set was celebrated, long after its end, as Britain's closest thing to a continental salon, representing a strong political and social force.

Charles James Fox

Whig statesman
Sitter associated with 305 portraits

Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey

Prime Minister
Sitter associated with 177 portraits

Henry Richard Fox (later Vassall), 3rd Baron Holland

Whig statesman and patron of art and letters
Sitter associated with 55 portraits

Thomas Babington Macaulay, Baron Macaulay

Historian, poet and politician; MP for Calne, Leeds and Edinburgh
Sitter in 26 portraits

William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne

Prime Minister
Sitter associated with 159 portraits

John Russell, 1st Earl Russell

Prime Minister and writer
Sitter in 245 portraits

Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Dramatist and parliamentary orator
Sitter associated with 167 portraits

Sir Robert Adair

Sitter associated with 7 portraits

John Allen

Historian and resident physician at Holland House
Sitter in 1 portrait

John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford

Landowner; Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland
Sitter associated with 26 portraits

Frederick Ponsonby, 3rd Earl of Bessborough

British peer; Lord of the Admiralty 1782-83
Sitter in 4 portraits

John William Ponsonby, 4th Earl of Bessborough

Politician; MP for several constituencies
Sitter associated with 37 portraits

Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux

Lord Chancellor
Sitter associated with 258 portraits

Thomas Campbell

Sitter in 20 portraits

George Howard, 6th Earl of Carlisle

Politician; Lord Privy Seal
Sitter associated with 4 portraits

George William Frederick Villiers, 4th Earl of Clarendon

Diplomat and politician; Foreign Secretary and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
Sitter in 16 portraits