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Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836-1912), Painter

Painter; born Lorenz Tadema (adding godfather’s name ‘Alma’ at unknown date) 8 January 1836 in Friesland, north Netherlands. Studied at Antwerp Academy and with Henri Leys; visited Rome; worked in Belgium; moved to London 1870 and anglicized first name; married 1863 Pauline Gressin (d.1869) and 1871 Laura Epps (NPG 5898); following a visit to Pompeii in 1863 specialized in vividly realized scenes of classical life, especially imagined reconstructions of Roman antiquity with authentic archaeological details, which achieved enormous success; lived in St John’s Wood; British denization 1873; elected ARA 1873, RA 1876; retrospective at Grosvenor Gallery 1883; knighted 1899; OM 1905; died 28 June 1912 at Wiesbaden, Germany, buried at St Paul’s Cathedral, London; interest in his work has revived in recent years, with major books and an exhibition. [1]

A convivial and sociable personality, of ‘boundless’ vigour and ‘endless’ good humour, [2] with a fondness for atrocious puns and mechanical toys, he was described by one contemporary as ‘a short, sturdily-built man with twinkling eyes, cheery smile, hair parted in the middle of a broad forehead and small tawny beard’ [3] and by another as ‘a rather short, broad, blond personage [with] a broad forehead, pale-grey eyes with eye-glasses, a big humorous mouth hardly hidden by a thin short yellow beard. His front face was blunt, jolly and unremarkable, but his profile was fine as an antique cameo.’ [4]

Dr Jan Marsh

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Dr Jan Marsh