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Richard Ansdell (1815-1885), Animal painter

Animal painter; born 11 May 1815 in Liverpool. Trained with portraitist W.C. Smith and at Liverpool Academy from 1835, made his name with portraits of sitters with horses and cattle; then in Scotland with stags and sheep. Retaining a deep love of Scotland, he also visited Spain in 1856 and 1857, resulting in scenes of ‘the sunny South (Spanish subjects, including mules) and a richer tone of colouring’. [1] Exh. RA 1840–85, including Hunted Slaves (RA 1861), a protest painting against US slavery; President, Liverpool Academy 1845–6; elected ARA 1861; RA 1870; died 20 April 1885 near Farnborough, Surrey.

In 1876, he was said to be ‘highly popular. He has worked hard and well and his present position – a very popular one – is due to honest work … his pictures sell well, and occupy good positions in many of our best private galleries. Art has done well for Mr Ansdell and he has not proved ungrateful.’ [2] Temperamentally he was described as ‘a man of iron nerve, whom no fatigue, no misfortune or annoyance could perturb – proud, resolute and self-relying’; also ‘genial, most unaffectedly kindly and good-natured, but there was a proud spirit … any slights or undue familiarities he resented vehemently and did not easily forgive’. [3]

Dr Jan Marsh

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