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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Shute Barrington (1734-1826), Bishop of Durham

Oil by Reynolds at Berwick Park, head and shoulders as a young man; 'Hon and Rev Shute Barrington' sat to Reynolds in December 1757, February 1759 and January 1762.

Oil attributed to Francis Cotes at Sotheby's (Hon Bernard Barrington sale) 30 April 1958 (32); replica in Bishop's House, Llandaff.

Stipple engraving published by Alex Hogg for The New Christian Magazine, 1 November 1783, as Bishop of Salisbury 'Accurately Drawn & Engraved from an Original Picture'.

Oil by Romney at Christ Church, Oxford, three-quarter-length as Chancellor of the Order of the Garter (R. L. Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits, III, p 86); mezzotint by Jones published 30 December 1786 (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, 6).

Oil by Romney at Berwick Park, head and shoulder in plain clothes, wig and tricorn hat, aged about 50.

Oil ascribed to Romney in the Bishop's Palace, Salisbury (Cathedral School), half-length as Chancellor of the Order of the Garter, severely damaged in the 1964 fire (H. Ward & W. Roberts, Romney, II, p 7).

Wax by E. G. Mountstephen exhibited RA 1786 (247), profile with Badge of the Garter (E. J. Pyke, Dictionary of Wax Modellers, p 96); stipple engraving in The European Magazine, July 1788.

Pastel drawing by John Russell exhibited RA 1790 (220).

Stipple drawn and engraved by Warren for The Senator, March 1792, small oval in profile to left.

Miniature ascribed to John Plott at Christie's 26 June 1980 (54) Cholmondeley Harrison sale.

Oil by Lawrence in Merton College, Oxford exhibited RA 1796 (147) and at Merton since about 1881, three-quarter-length seated on bishop's throne in black robe, holding hat in gloved left hand (Kenneth Garlick, ‘Catalogue of Paintings, Drawings & Pastels of Sir Thomas Lawrence’ in Walpole Society Journal, XXXIX, 1964, p 28 as Lawrence, but see R. L. Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits, II, p 56 no. 41 - 'too hazardous to determine the artist's name').

Oil by Hoppner exhibited RA 1803 (104); a portrait of an early or mid-Victorian bishop was exhibited as Barrington in Third Exhibition of National Portraits, South Kensington, 1868 (161) lent by Viscount Barrington MP but there is no record of a Hoppner at present at Berwick Park.

Miniature by Andrew Robertson at Hatfield Peverel was exhibited RA 1804 (693) and bequeathed by the Bishop to Miss Colberg (Nichols, Literary Anecdotes, 1825, V, p 623); it was engraved by Caroline Watson 1816 and used as an illustration in Emily Robertson, Letters and Papers of Andrew Robertson, 1895, p 80 and described as one of 'two large ones' in a letter to his brother Sandy (ibid., p 114).

Oil by Opie exhibited RA 1805 (222) and perhaps identical with the portrait in the Bodleian Library (R. L. Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits, I, p 116), half-length to left in grey bushy wig, black suit, tricorn hat under his left arm, aged 65-70.

Drawing by Edridge exhibited RA 1809 (500) and sold Sotheby's 22 November 1979 (22); a variant, head and shoulders in rochet, was engraved by Picart for Contemporary Portraits 1810.

Oil by Owen exhibited RA 1811 (49) and engraved in mezzotint by Say 20 July 1812, three-quarter-length in surplice with Durham Cathedral in the background.

Oil by Lawrence in the Bishop's Palace, Bishop Auckland, exhibited RA 1814 (7), mezzotint by C. Turner 'in the Eightieth Year of his age' with a bound folio entitled BIBLIOR COMP P.I.. A version completed by Evans after Lawrence's death is in University College, Durham.

(Marble) busts by Behnes exhibited RA 1819 and 1820; a plaster cast in wig and surplice incised: R T REV SHUTE BARRINGTON BP DURHAM BEHXES SC. is with the Linnean Society, Burlington House; an engraving by Cochran after Behnes (in black clerical suit) was published in Jerdan's National Portrait Gallery, 1833.

Oil by Owen in Balliol College, Oxford, presented 14 May 1819 (Minute Book of College Meetings), bust in wig and surplice, view of sea in background (Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits, II, p 29).

Oil by Hayter, 'The Trial of Queen Caroline 1820' (NPG 999).

Oil by Edward Hastings in Balliol College, Oxford (Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits, II, p 29), three-quarter-length seated in surplice and holding cap, Durham Cathedral in background.

Drawings by Chantrey (NPG 316a(3)-(4)) and model in Ashmolean Museum.

Oil by William Owen exhibition RA 1824 (74).

Marble statue by Chantrey in Durham Cathedral (model in Ashmolean Museum, 522-10).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.