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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux (1778-1868), Lord Chancellor

The list below does not include the innumerable 1802 squibs, caricatures and cartoons by Heath, Cruikshank, Leech, Doyle and others, most of which can be found in the British Museum Catalogues.

Wax medallion by Henning, see Horner.

Pencil and grey wash drawing by Edridge in Santa Barbara Museum of Art, nearly whole-length seated at a desk in legal gown, probably drawn to celebrate his admission to Lincoln's Inn in October 1804.

Medal by Halliday celebrating the Repeal of the Orders in Council (example in British Museum and engraving in NPG); this was the basis for a 'medallic portrait done from life' sent to Wedgwood by John Henning in 1813 (example in British Museum and replica in Scottish NPG) illustrated in Robin Reilly & George Savage, Wedgwood: the Portrait Medallions, 1973, p 72; a wax relief was in the library passage at Holland House (Catalogue, 261).

Oil by James Ramsay, exhibited RA 1813 (237) and engraved in stipple by Meyer 1 March 1813; Ramsay exhibited another oil RA 1818 (328), lithographed by Ramsay himself 1827.

Medal by Mills commemorating the Westmorland election in which Brougham came bottom of the poll (Laurence Brown, British Historical Medals, 1980, 970).

Oil by Phillips, Sitter Book, 1819 and RA 1820 (204).

'Trial of Queen Caroline' by Hayter (NPG 999).

Drawing 'sketched by A. Wivell in the House of Lords' and engraved by Wright 24 February 1821; this was re-issued in 1832 at the time of the Reform Bill with the lines, 'I beseech you, I solemnly adjure you, even on bended knees, my Lords, I implore you not to reject this Bill.' An entirely different portrait by Wivell was engraved by J. Posselwhite 1822.

Oil and drawing by Lonsdale (NPG 361 and 5038).

Oil by Lawrence (NPG 3136).

Marble bust by William Behnes in Lincoln's Inn; a copy made for the Marquess Wellesley is in the House of Lords library; Behnes exhibited a bust RA 1837 (1278).

Pencil and watercolour drawing by John Hollins at Christie's South Kensington 14 November 1977 (173), small whole-length in peer's robes (Brougham was created a Baron 22 November 1830).

Plaster bust by Baily exhibited RA 1831 (1213) and a marble RA 1832 (1207).

Mezzotint by J. G. Murray after Robert Bowyer (probably a miniature), three-quarter-length as Lord Chancellor holding 'An Act for Establishing a Court of Bankruptcy'.

Mezzotint by H. Dawe 'sketched in Lincoln's Inn' and published Ackermann no. 113, May 1832.

Ink drawing and lithograph by C. J. Grant reproduced in Cardus & Arlott, Marylebone Cricket Club, 1969, plate 29.

Reform Bill medals by Halliday (Laurence Brown, British Historical Medals, 1980, 1535-8).

Oil by Lonsdale known from mezzotint by Lupton published W. Walker 1832, whole-length seated in wig and LC robes, seal and mace to left.

Drawing by Maclise for Fraser's Magazine, December 1831, 'The Editor of the Times'.

Bust in plaster by Christopher Moore ('Lord Brougham from recollection') exhibited RA 1831 (1230) and later executed in marble exhibited RA 1836 (1095) and SBA 1838 (629).

Small bronze bust by S. Parker in Scottish NPG.

Plaster bust by Sievier, 'to be executed in marble', exhibited RA 1831 (1229).

Circular marble relief possibly by John Francis of Grey, Brougham and Lord John Russell, all in profile to right, in Paul Mellon Collection; a variant in lithograph by C. Galpin was published 1831.

Medallic portrait by A. J. Stothard exhibited RA 1832 (5054), 'impression from a die from E. H. Baily's bust', possibly intended to be one of Stothard's 'Great Men' series but never completed (Laurence Brown, British Historical Medals, 1980, 1527).

'The Reform Banquet 1832' by B. R. Haydon at Howick - Brougham 'looks like a drunken chimney sweeper' (Fraser's Magazine, June 1834, p 707).

Lithograph by an unknown artist inscribed: Brougham Feb 9 1833, head and shoulders facing, rather wild-eyed, offered to NPG 1972.

Bust by J. Ginn exhibited SBA 1833 (824).

Marble bust by Samuel Joseph exhibited RA 1833 (1205).

Bust by R. C. Lucas (possibly a marble relief with Sir William Home and the late Mrs Denman) exhibited RA 1833 (1164).

Bust by H. J. Hakewill exhibited RA 1834 (1069).

Miniature by Samuel Lover exhibited RA 1835 (821).

Oil by Andrew Morton painted for the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, exhibited RA 1836 (338) and now in Scottish NPG; another copy 'an admirable full-length likeness', was at Drayton Manor (Peel's MS catalogue in Surrey Record Office Acc, p 11, and Gentleman’s Magazine, XXVII, 1847, p 291); half-length version is in Lincoln's Inn; a small watercolour copy by James Stewart, also in Scottish NPG, was engraved by Robinson, and another copy by Scanlan was engraved by W. & F. Holl.

Miniature by Sir W. Ross lithographed by Templeton.

Drawing by Samuel Friedrich Diez in National Gallery, Berlin, signed and dated 1841.

Drawing by Jemima Wedderburn (NPG 2772(28a)).

Statue by Papworth exhibited Westminster Hall 1844; a plaster copy was destroyed in the Crystal Palace fire 1936.

Oil by Spiridioni Gambardella, three-quarter-length at Apsley House and other versions in University of London and HM Embassy Reykjavik (GAC 2267/1); half-length in Lincoln's Inn.

Oil by Chalon exhibited RA 1846 (883).

Two pen and ink sketches by Daniel Macdonald in the British Museum were made during a hearing of the Tracy Peerage Case in the House of Lords (Complete Peerage, XII, part II, page 5 note c); one drawing shows Brougham wearing spectacles; both were exhibited British Museum 'Portrait Drawings', 1974, no. 360.

Lithograph by W. Bosley from a daguerreotype by Claudet.

Punch's sixth and last wrapper designed by Dicky Doyle appeared in January 1849; a young faun in the procession drags along the mask of Brougham on a string.

Oil by Pickersgill exhibited RA 1851 (66) and later in Peel's collection, Drayton Manor.

Portrait by the medallist John Wilson exhibited RA 1855 (221).

Drawings by C. H. Lear (NPG 1457a-b).

Busts by J. E. Jones exhibited RA 1859 (1259) and 1860 (973).

Medallion by J. Loft exhibited RA 1862 (1114).

Oil by D. Macnee exhibited RA 1865 (139) painted for the Parliament House Edinburgh (reproduced in Frances Hawes, Lord Brougham, 1957, p 273).

Model by M. Noble for a colossal marble statue for Brown's Institute Liverpool, exhibited RA 1864 (892).

Oil by J. Mayall in the Middle Temple, Lord Brougham with M. Pierre-Antoine Berryer, French advocate and political orator.

Busts by Adams-Acton (NPG 1588 and 2004).

Bust by W. Graham exhibited RA 1868 (1121).

Plaster bust by Adams destroyed in 1940 (NPG 1203).

Marble statue by Paul Liénard erected by the citizens of Cannes in 1878 and removed by the occupying German troops during the Second World War.

Aquatint silhouette by J. Bruce, 'I See Sir, I See it comes to this'.

Bust by Joseph Deare destroyed in the Crystal Palace fire 1936.

Bronze bust by D'Orsay in the Lady Blessington sale, Phillips 8 May 1849 (193).

Drawing by Landseer in Blessington sale, Phillips 16 May 1849 (1192); another Landseer drawing of Brougham and Mr Ellice deer-stalking is at Baron's Court (Box IV 20).

Wax relief by R. C. Lucas at Stanton Harcourt.

Drawing and lithograph by T. C. Wilson (with wig) and variant (without wig) lithographed by W. Clerk issued gratis with no.44 of The Fly (1838).

Wax relief by unknown artist, Sotheby's 23 July 1979 (51) cat. there as Lord Eldon.

Hand-worked china bust (photograph in NPG).

Daguerreotype by Claudet.

Talbotype lithographed by J. W. Giles.

R. Beard daguerreotype.

Herbert Watkins.

Maull & Polyblank.

Charles Reutlinger.

J. Mayall 13 October 1862; another photograph by Mayall was engraved by D. J. Pound for The Illustrated News of the World; a combination of Mayall's photography was worked up by Sickert into an 'echo' 1930, now in HM Embassy Paris (GAC 5229).

Caldesi Blanford & Co.

Downey of Newcastle with woodcuts by TS in Illustrated London News, 16 May 1868 and The British Workman, 1 July 1868.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.