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Frederick Brown (1851-1941), Painter and teacher

Art teacher and artist; born 14 March 1851, in Chelmsford, Essex. Trained at National Art Training School and later in Paris; exhibited at Royal Academy 1879–91; director of Westminster Art School 1877–92, where students included Aubrey Beardsley and Henry Tonks; founder member of and regular exhibitor at the New English Art Club 1886–1941; Slade Professor of Fine Art at University College London 1892–1917, where he promoted drawing and individuality and recruited gifted colleagues including Tonks, Philip Wilson Steer and Ambrose McEvoy; died 8 January 1941 in Richmond, Surrey.

Physically, Brown was described as ‘lean and spare’ and temperamentally ‘rock-like’ but possessing ‘deep sincerity and sympathy’ beneath ‘a somewhat severe exterior’.[1] According to one student, he was ‘a rather grim figure in a black frock-coat’, with prominent jaw muscles, ‘as if his teeth were permanently clenched, [which] gave him the look of one who would stand no nonsense. Nor would he.’[2] His friend Dugald Sutherland MacColl, however, said that Brown had ‘the art of ruling a school without appearing to use any means of discipline … [moreover] teaching itself would appear to be a pleasure to him, from the steady and equal attention he bestows on his least promising pupils’.[3]

Dr Jan Marsh

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