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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Sir Marc Isambard Brunel (1769-1849), Civil engineer

Miniature self-portrait painted in America, reproduced Paul Clements, Marc Isambard Brunel, 1970, p 32.

Another miniature self-portrait was exhibited SKM 1865 (1130) lent by Lady Hawes (Scharf's sketch in Sir George Scharf’s Sketchbooks, 72, p 12).

Oil by Northcote (NPG 978).

Miniature self-portrait in Douglas Fitzpatrick collection, reproduced L. T. C. Rolt, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 1964, p 32.

Oil by E. V. Rippingille in Bristol Art Gallery.

Brunel appears (though he was not present) in a 'Sketch of a dinner given in the Thames Tunnel on 10th Novr 1827' by James Ramsay, exhibited RA 1828 (351).

Bust by F. W. Smith exhibited RA 1827 (1094).

Bronze medallion by David d'Angers (NPG 5434).

Drawing by Brockedon (NPG 2515(28)).

Drawing by Carl Vogel in Dresden Art Gallery, head and shoulders in spectacles dated London 28 juni 1834.

Oil by Drummond (NPG 89).

Oil by Henry Wyatt exhibited RA 1836 (267) and engraved by Adlard with facsimile of signature (example in NPG).

Drawing by George Chinnery in National Gallery of Ireland, signed and dated 1839 (W. G. Strickland, Dictionary of Irish Artists, I, 1913, p 177).

Oil on board by Alexander Craig, sold Sotheby's 21 January 1975 (412).

Watercolour drawing by Dubuisson in private collection whole-length seated with Lady Brunel, reproduced Celia Brunel Noble, The Brunels, Father and Son, 1938, p 96.

Marble medallion profiles by F. S. Archer exhibited RA 1841 (1310) and 1842 (1302).

Bust by C. A. Rivers exhibited RA 1841 (1148).

Silhouette whole length standing with hat and staff, reproduced Richard Tames, Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Lifelines I), frontispiece.

'Men of Science Living in 1807-8' by Gilbert (NPG 1075).

Marble bust by Henry Fehr formerly in the Institution of Civil Engineers and sold 1971.

Drawing by Alphonse Farcy, c.1840, lithographed by Auguste Bry and published in Paris (example in NPG).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.