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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Sir Francis Burdett, 5th Bt (1770-1844), Parliamentary reformer

The list below does not include the many squibs, caricatures and cartoons by Heath, Cruikshank, Leech, Doyle and others, most of which can found in the British Museum Catalogues.

Oil by Lawrence (NPG 3820).

Miniature by Cosway (Williamson, p 102) formerly in Burdett-Coutts collection, engraved by Cardon 1804, in fancy dress.

Satire by Gillray, 'Messager d'Etat', published 21 May 1798 by H. Humphrey.

Miniature by Hastings engraved by Hopwood for The Universal Magazine, 1 August 1807.

Etching by P. Roberts, whole-length standing (example in NPG in brilliant watercolour).

Wax relief by Samuel Percy exhibited RA 1803 (1027) in V&A Museum (Mary Bate Collection), and another in E. J. Pyke Collection.

Mezzotint by Dawe after S. Woodhouse, three-quarter-length seated with 'Magna Carta', published 1805.

Stipple drawn and engraved by H. Richter, published March 1808.

Etching by Henry Brocas published in The Hibernian Magazine 1810.

Watercolour drawing by Adam Buck (NPG 1229).

Oil by Northcote 'painted during his imprisonment in the Tower' for Mr Johnstone, signed and dated 1 June 1810, exhibited RA 1811 (28), lent to Third Exhibition of National Portraits, South Kensington, 1868 (171) by Sir J. V. B. Johnstone Bart MP. A copy by Hodges was in Burdett-Coutts sale Christie's May 1922 (213). Line engraving by William Sharp published 14 February 1811.

Aquatint by W. Williams (example in British Museum).

Marble bust by Chantrey exhibited RA 1811 (950) and plaster model in Ashmolean Museum (530/18) incised: modelled by/F. L. Chantrey/Published Sept. 1 1810.

Pastel by J. R. Smith exhibited RA 1811 (324) and in Burdett-Coutts sale 4 May 1922 (8), later with Major Peter Walker of Faringdon; mezzotint by W. Ward 1811, whole-length with Tower of London in background (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, 17).

Oil by unknown artist, seated by a table in dark coat, yellow waistcoat and riding breeches, painted for James Morgan of Limerick and in Burdett-Coutts sale 4 May 1922 (12).

Etching by Richard Dighton, whole-length standing and dated January 1820 (example in NPG in brilliant watercolour).

'The Trial of Queen Caroline 1820' by Hayter (NPG 999).

Stipple engraving by Cooper from a drawing by Wageman formerly at Farnley Hall (Walter Fawkes).

Burdett appears at the back of Ferneley's 'The Quorn at Quenby 1823', formerly at Norton Conyers (Sir Guy Graham), reproduced Shaw Sparrow, British Sporting Artists, 1922, p 192.

Drawing by Abraham Wivell known from stipple engraving by F. C. Lewis published 1 December 1824.

Marble busts by Ternouth in House of Commons and Messrs Coutts & Co. London.

Oil by Lonsdale was exhibited SBA 1818 (239) and offered to NPG by Miss Escott in 1858 at the same time as NPG 34 by Phillips (sketch by Scharf in Sir George Scharf’s Trustees' Sketchbooks, I, 17); a drawing 'from life by J. Lonsdale' was offered later from Burdett-Coutts sale 5 May 1922 (154).

Drawing by J. C. Hawthorn published as a lithograph by Charles Phillips in The Union Monthly Magazine, 1831.

Marble bust by Behnes with Messrs Coutts & Co., London.

'Reform Banquet' by Haydon at Howick, in which 'the manly head of Burdett resembles a woodcock' (Fraser's Magazine, June 1834, p 707).

Silhouette by J. Bruce, whole-length walking with top-hat and riding crop.

'The House of Commons 1833' by Hayter, NPG 54.

Bust (?marble) by W. Pickman exhibited RA 1833 (1191).

Oil by Phillips (NPG 34).

Oil by Ferneley in George Donald Collection, Canada, equestrian in a landscape, formerly Burdett-Coutts sale 5 May 1922 (264).

Oil by Shee, exhibited RA 1838 (177).

Drawing by Louisa Stuart Costello, signed and dated 18 November 1840, lithograph by R. J. Lane 1841 (R. J. Lane’s accounts and letters, mainly for lithographic drawings, MSS in NPG library, 45).

Lithograph by L. S. G., bust vignette aged 70 (example in British Museum).

Oil sketch by Landseer (NPG 3140).

Watercolour on ivory by Sir William Ross (NPG 2056).

Oil by Shee (NPG 432).

Marble bust by Samuel Joseph exhibited RA 1844 (1398).

Marble bust by Westmacott exhibited RA 1845 (1370), formerly in Rupert Gunnis collection (Rupert Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660-1851, 1953, p 428).

Marble bust by G. G. Adams exhibited RA 1854 (1507) with replica of 1896 in Westminster School.

Bust by Count D'Orsay in Lady Blessington sale May 1849 (1465) and lithograph vignette by D'Orsay in British Museum.

Miniature on metal, signed M & P, in W. J. Lawson collection, Portugal.

Oil by Gilbert Stuart (identity doubtful) recorded in Lawrence Parker, Gilbert Stuart, 1926, I, p 189.

Lithograph by T. C. Wilson (example in British Museum).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.