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Frederick Gustavus Burnaby (1842-1885), Soldier, traveller and balloonist

Soldier and traveller; born 3 March 1842, in Bedford. Cornet in Household Cavalry of British Army aged 16, rising to lieutenant 1862, captain 1866, lieutenant-colonel 1880 and command of regiment 1881; visited South America, Spain and Tangier 1868, Russia 1870, Spain 1874, Sudan 1875, Russia and Central Asia 1875–6 and Turkey and Armenia 1876–7, publishing two accounts of his travels, The Ride to Khiva (1876) and On Horseback through Asia Minor (1877); took part in Russo-Turkish War 1877; married Elizabeth Hawkins-Whitshed 1879; unsuccessfully stood for Parliament as a Tory 1880, also helping to found the Primrose League 1883; crossed Channel on solo balloon flight 1882; disappointed not to be sent to Egypt in command of his regiment in 1884, joined the forces independently and was wounded at the second battle of El Teb; anxious to join the relief expedition to rescue General Gordon in Khartoum, again travelled without leave and was killed at the battle of Abu Klea, 17 January 1885.

Burnaby was physically tall, strong and barrel-chested, and his prowess became legendary. He was an eager traveller during his months of leave and an intrepid poineer balloonist. Sallow-skinned and strong featured, his looks were described as ‘Jewish and Italian’, although photographs do not support this possibly hostile account. Temperamentally he was impetuous, pugnacious, independent and adventurous, and frequently found himself censured by his superiors. But ‘if he was unpopular at the Horse Guards he was daily becoming more popular with the people’,[1] by whom he was regarded as a ‘colourful celebrity’,[2] part hero, part fool, and leader of jingoist sentiment. His private life was less happy and it is thought that he volunteered for the Khartoum expedition in order to die.

Dr Jan Marsh

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