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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Frederic William Burton (1816-1900), Watercolour painter and Director of the National Gallery

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Undated portrait
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Pencil drawing, 512 x 360mm, head, full-face, with beard and bushy hair; NG Ireland, Dublin, 2400. Exh. NG Ireland, Dublin, 1997 (no number); ref. Strickland 1913, vol.1, p.136 (ill. pl.x [3], facing p.140); repr. Country Life, 9 May 1974, p.1140; Le Harivel 1983, p.34; Bourke 1987, p.3; and Irish Arts Yearbook 1988, p.190.

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Oil on canvas, 740 x 610mm, attributed to George Francis Mulvany, half-length, looking to right, clean shaven, wearing silk waistcoat and velvet jacket; NG Ireland, Dublin, 538. Ref. Strickland 1913, vol.2, p.154 (ill. vol.1, pl.ix); repr. Dublin 1964, p.88; Stewart 1984, p.39; Bourke 1987, p.32; and Irish Arts Review, winter 2003, p.128.

Plaster relief, 215mm diam., attributed to Terence Farrell, inscr. on reverse ‘Sir Frederic Wm Burton / RHA / Director / The National Gallery / London’, head, profile to left; NG Ireland, Dublin, 8337.

Oil on canvas by Henry Tanworth Wells; see NPG 1701.

Bronze medallion by Albert Bruce-Joy; untraced. Exh. RA 1868 (1171); and ‘Gallery of A. Bruce-Joy’s studio’, n.d., (68) (ref. untraced exh. cat. noted in NPG Portrait Index [Burton]).

Terracotta bust by Edgar Boehm; untraced. Exh. RA 1880 (1636); ref. Stocker 1988, no.217, p.411.
Plaster version, 700mm high; V&A, London, 1784-1892. Repr. Bilbey & Trusted 2002, p.206. c.1880 Oil on canvas by Giuseppe Gabrielli|, signed, whole-length, standing in centre of new rotunda room in National Gallery, wearing top hat and morning dress, conversing with the artist whose copyist pupils are at work around them; untraced; known from photograph in NG Library, repr. Country Life, 9 May 1974, p.1140.

Oil on canvas by Henry Jamyn Brooks; see NPG 1833.

Etching and drypoint (unfinished plate), 281 x 190mm, by Alphonse Legros, head-and-shoulders, profile to right; untraced. Exh. Portraits of Artists, Writers and Musicians, P. &. D. Colnaghi, Dec. 1976 (236, ill); ref. Beraldi 1885–1892, vol.9, no.232.

Design by Thomas Walter Wilson, for The Athenaeum Club: Ballot Day, signed lower left, head-and-shoulders, profile right wearing spectacles (no.14 on key), in room full of members; untraced. Wood-engr. by Paul Hermann Naumann repr. unidentified publication; repr. with key, Cowell 1975, p.141 (captioned 'Ballot Day, 1892').
See also Alma-Tadema, Leighton, Lister.

Replica oil by Henry Tanworth Wells, see above, ‘1863’.

Undated portraitback to top

Marble face-mask, 187mm high, by John Hughes, clean shaven; NG Ireland, Dublin, 8134. Ref. Wynne 1975, p.20; repr. Le Harivel & Dillon 1988, p.569. Sculpted, perhaps around 1900 from life-mask taken c.1850.

Possible portraitback to top

publ. 1873
Design by Hopper for An Artist’s Soirée at the Hogarth Club, half-length, half-profile to right, on far left of large male group; untraced. Wood-engr. by ‘E.J.B’ repr. Graphic, 24 May 1873, p.489.
See also Gregory, Herkomer, Marks, Walker.

Photographsback to top

Daguerreotype, 178 x 132mm, attributed to Horatio Nelson King, three-quarter-length, seated facing left, with head turned towards viewer, wearing dark frock coat, high-collared shirt, necktie, waistcoat and light trousers, and holding gloves in left hand on lap; Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin. Exh. Through the Brass Lidded Eye: Photography in Ireland 1839–1900, Guinness M., Dublin, 1989 (23).

Calotype, 212 x 160mm, attributed to Horatio Nelson, after earlier daguerreotype (see above, ‘c.1843’); Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin. Exh. Through the Brass Lidded Eye: Photography in Ireland 1839–1900, Guinness M., Dublin, 1989 (24);

Carte-de-visite, 88 x 58mm, by John Watkins, three-quarter-length, facing front, seated in a photographer’s studio, wearing dark coat with light trousers and hands clasped between knees; colls NPG Ax5077, NPG Ax14983 and NPG Ax131854 (differently cropped, in Portraits of Members of the Society of Painters in Water Colours 1864, issued by Cundall, Downes & Co.); The Rob Dickins Coll., Watts G., Compton, COMWG2008.23; and Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin. Repr. Maas 1984, p.169 (311); and Christie’s, Important British & Irish Art, 26 Nov. 2003, fig.1.

Carte-de-visite albumen print, 90 x 56mm, by Lombardi & Co., London and Brighton, half-length, profile to right, grey hair and white beard, wearing wide-lapelled coat, waistcoat, wing-collared shirt and cravat; Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin.

Photograph, 145 x 97mm, by William Mervyn Lawrence, Dublin, half-length, half-profile, seated facing left, white hair and beard, wearing oval spectacles and LL D academic gown and hood (U. of Dublin, Trinity College); Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin. Repr. Graphic, 5 May 1894, p.518; and National Gallery of Ireland Acquisitions 1986–88, p.175 (where dated to 1884).

Photographs by James [Jacques] Lafayette (James Stack Lauder), Dublin, two known poses:
(a) 141 x 99mm, three-quarter-length, half-profile, seated facing left, in photographer’s studio, white hair and beard, wearing oval spectacles, LL D academic gown and hood (U. of Dublin, Trinity College) and striped trousers, holding mortarboard in right hand; Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin.
(b) 141 x 95mm, three-quarter-length, facing left in academic gown and hood with left hand resting on chairback holding mortar-board; Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin.

Photograph, 292 x 179mm, by Chancellors, Dublin, half-length to front, standing, white hair and beard, wearing oval spectacles, dark overcoat, heavy jacket and spotted cravat; Sheila Beere Coll., NG Ireland, Dublin. Repr. AJ, 1891, p.85; and The Year’s Art 1892, facing p.2.

before 1894
Photograph by Chancellors, Dublin, head-and-shoulders, slightly to left, white hair and beard, with spectacles, wearing coat, jacket and dark tie (not same as in preceding item); repr. MA, July 1894, p.310 and 1900 p.331; and Strickland 1913, vol.1, pl.x (4).

Dr Jan Marsh