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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Charles Edward Conder (1868-1909), Painter

Possible self-portrait
By other artists
Undated portrait
Posthumous portraits
Undated photograph

Self-portraitsback to top

Oil on canvas, 559 x 383mm, signed top right, three-quarter-length, seated, full-face, looking down, clean shaven, hands clasped; Tullie House MAG, Carlisle, 125-1949, 444, Bottomley Bequest. Exh. and repr. Gordon Bottomley: Poet & Collector, Carlisle, 1970 (97); Rothenstein 1971, no.13, p.8; and McConkey 1995, no.37, p.112. This seems the chief candidate for the self-portrait recorded as exh. RSPP 1900 (47).

Pen and ink caricature drawing, whole-length, profile to left, on Pegasus chained to a bottle, with speech bubble ‘Ah que j’ai soupé de ce vin la’; untraced. Repr. Rothenstein 1931–2, vol.1, p.59.

Oil on millboard, 475 x 350mm, inscr. ‘C.C TO WILL R[othenstein] SOUVENIR DE NOTRE LONGUE AMITIE’, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to left, with light brown hair, curled moustache, dark eyes, white collar, dark jacket, painted to mark reconcilation after quarrel; Manchester AG, 1925.291. Exh. NG (Tate) 1927 (96); repr. Manchester 1978, p.47; Brooke 1994, p.41 (where dated 1895–1900); and Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.180.

Chalk drawing on paper; see NPG 4556.

Crayon drawing; coll. Lord Lambton, 1967. Exh. Charles Conder 1868–1909, Graves AG, Sheffield, 1967 (113, not ill., as ‘portrait of the artist reclining on a couch with his wife Stella behind him’); ref. Maas G., June 1964 (41).

Pencil drawing on tinted paper, 280 x 250mm, head, profile to left, tousled hair, no moustache; untraced; Christie’s Australia, 6 June 1989 (205, ill.).

Possible self-portraitback to top

Oil on panel, 407 x 287mm, The Gray and Gold, whole-length, bearded but indistinct, with female figure; NG Australia, 79.1421. Repr. Eagle 1997, p.33.

By other artistsback to top

Pencil sketch on sheet with others by Arthur Streeton, head, full-face, clean shaven, wearing wing collar; State L. of New S Wales, DL PX 78, f.31(v)a. Repr. Eagle 1997, p.43.

Black conté sketch by William Rothenstein, half-length, seated, looking down, bearded, at atelier Julian, Paris; coll. Barry Humphries. Repr. Galbally 2002, p.67.

Black and white chalk drawing by William Rothenstein, whole-length, standing, profile to right, wearing cape; untraced. Ref. Rothenstein 1926, no.9.

Black and white chalk drawing, 370 x 245mm, by William Rothenstein, inscr. ‘CHAS CONDER’, whole-length, seated, profile to right, stubbly beard, no moustache, holding a cigarette in raised left hand; mount inscr. ‘A drawing of Charles Conder by Will Rothenstein when they were students in Paris. From a sketch book…’; untraced; with Anthony d’Offay, 1968. Repr. Sotheby’s, 13 Dec. 1967 (15).

Pencil drawing, 179 x 113mm, by Charles Leandre, signed and dated lower right, half-length, full-face, looking down, clean shaven, chin resting on right hand, by lamplight?; Ashmolean M., Oxford, 1946.371. Repr. Catalogue of Drawings in the Ashmolean Museum, vol.7. French School, Oxford, 2000, no.1240.

Chalks drawing on brown paper, 365 x 230mm, by William Rothenstein, three-quarter-length, profile perdu to left, seated behind table in studio, legs crossed; coll. Barry Humphries. Probably exh. The Artists of the Yellow Book, Clarendon and Parkin G., London, 1983 (267, although dimensions differ); exh. Degas, Sickert and Toulouse-Lautrec, Tate, 2005 and Phillips Coll., Washington, DC, 2006 (54, ill.).

Black crayon caricature drawing on paper, 370 x 240mm, by William Rothenstein, inscr. ‘Puvis de Havanne’, whole-length, upright, draped round lamppost, wearing dress suit and top hat, no moustache, with Rothenstein; coll. Barry Humphries. Repr. Galbally 2002, p.71.

Crayon and white chalk drawing, 360 x 235mm, by William Rothenstein, three-quarter-length, seated to right, profile perdu, moustache and possible beard, wearing corduroy jacket; untraced; with Anthony d’Offay, 1984.

Oil on canvas, 649 x 320mm, by William Rothenstein, signed lower right, whole-length to left, hands behind back, half-profile to left, dark brown hair, black frock coat, white spats; NG of Victoria, Melbourne, 1579-5. Repr. Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.50.

Oil on canvas, 1203 x 552mm, by William Rothenstein, known as ‘L’Homme qui sort’, signed and dated lower left, whole-length, standing with back to viewer in corner of room, wearing overcoat and top hat, profile to left, with moustache, no beard, arms outstretched, finger on doorlatch; Toledo MA, 1952.86. Exh. Paris Salon, 1892; NEAC, London, 1894; Rothenstein memorial exh., Tate, London 1950 (4); British Art 1890–1928, Columbus G. of Fine Arts, OH, 1971 (85); ref. Galbally 2002, p.104; repr. Catalogue of European Paintings, Toledo MA, 1976, p.144, pl.338; Sato, Lambourne & Holland 2000, p.80; Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.11. Rothenstein recalled that ‘Conder wished me to make him look more Daumieresque, to style his coat and give him a fatale and romantic appearance’: Rothenstein 1931–2, vol.1, p.121.
Probably the premier portrait of Conder, painted in Paris by his close colleague.

Essence on card, 843 x 634mm, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Jane Avril sortant du Moulin Rouge, signed and dated, whole-length, from back, wearing pale greatcoat and dark hat; Wadsworth Athenaeum, Hartford, 1941.163. Exh. Toulouse-Lautrec and Jane Avril, Courtauld Inst., London, 2011 (3); repr. Ireson 2011, p.66 and widely as poster.

Oil on canvas by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Au Moulin Rouge: les valseuses, head-and-shoulders, wearing hat, in background; NG Prague, O 3200. Repr. Rothenstein 1938, facing p.53.

Pen and ink caricature in letter by Phil May, whole-length, profile to left, seated before easel, cigarette in mouth; untraced. Repr. Rothenstein 1938, p.56 (when owned by Theodore Fink).

Oil/essence sketch on board, 473 x 363mm, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, for Aux Ambassadeurs: Gens Chics, signed and dated, half-length, half-profile to left, light brown hair, white face, wearing dress suit, left hand on hip; Aberdeen AG, ABDAG003036. Exh. Impressionism in Britain, Barbican AG, London, 1995 (237); and Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.43; repr. McConkey 1995, p.59.

Oil over black chalk drawing on paper, 843 x 655mm, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Aux Ambassadeurs: Gens Chic, half-length, nearly full-face, seated, wearing dress suit with buttonhole; NGA Washington, DC, 1995.47.67. Repr. G. Geoffroy, ‘Les Restaurants et les cafés-concerts des Champs-Elysées’, Le Figaro Illustré, no.40, 1893; and Ireson 2011, p.29, fig.8.
A related work, possibly a preparatory sketch, black chalk on paper, 619 x 554mm, inscr. ‘C Conder/Lautrec’, seated, sketchily indicated with left arm on hip, facing a seated three-quarter-length female figure seen from behind; BM, London, 1928,0417.9. Exh. Toulouse-Lautrec, Hayward G., London, 1991–2 (52); French Drawings in the British Museum, BM, London, 1996 (no cat.).

Conté drawing on paper by Dugald Sutherland MacColl, head, half-profile to left looking at spectator, long moustache; coll. Barry Humphries. Repr. Galbally 2002, p.120.

Two pencil sketches by Dugald Sutherland MacColl, done at Sainte Marguerite-sur-mer, Normandy, both head studies, profile to left; untraced. Exh. Charles Conder 1868–1909, Graves AG, Sheffield, 1967 (23) as ‘Head of Conder’; repr. London Mercury and Bookman, Jan. 1939, facing p.288.

Chalk on paper, 508 x 381mm, by William Rothenstein, three-quarter-length, seated, profile to left, right hand to chin, left hand on chairback; Tate, N04010. Exh. Tate, 1927 (119).

Lithograph, 372 x 327mm (image), by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, La loge au mascaron doré, for theatre programme, head only, as spectator; BNF, Paris, FRBNF 40283424. Ref. W. Wittock, Toulouse-Lautrec: The Complete Prints, London, 1985, no.16.

Gouache by Louis Anquetin, in group with Toulouse-Lautrec, Jean Moréas, Anquetin and Henri Bourges; untraced. Study for illustration publ. Courier français, 25 Feb. 1894.

Oil on canvas, 285 x 307mm, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Danse Mauresque, right-hand panel of diptych for booth of dancer La Goulue at the Foire de Trône, Paris, dated on right, half-length, rear view, wearing top hat and pale greatcoat; M. d'Orsay, Paris, RF 2826 (diptych). Repr. Ireson 2011, p.76, fig.26.

Pencil drawing by William Rothenstein; see NPG 2558.

Lithograph, 310 x 340mm, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Souper à Londres, half-length, profile to left, seated at table with woman, male figure standing behind; BM, London, 1923,1205.14. Exh. Degas, Sickert & Toulouse-Lautrec, Tate, 2005 and Phillips Coll., Washington, DC, 2006 (95, not ill.); repr. Le Livre vert (L’Estampe Originale, André Marty), Paris, 1894 (ed. of 100), in the series ‘Etudes des Femmes’.

Chalk and oil sketch, 1030 x 650mm, by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Conquête de passage, half-length, seated to left, wearing top hat and dress suit; M. des Augustins, Toulouse, RO618. In the subsequent lithograph poster for Elles, although similarly dressed this figure does not especially resemble Conder.

Black chalk drawing, 480 x 300mm, by William Rothenstein, inscr. and dated centre left, two studies on one sheet:
(a) head-and-shoulders looking up to right;
(b) half-length, seated, profile to left looking down;
coll. Barry Humphries. Ref. (as pencil) Rothenstein 1926, no.78; repr. Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.41.

Oil on canvas, 1215 x 560mm, by William Rothenstein, whole-length, standing indoors, profile to right, wearing redingote; M. d’Orsay, Paris, RF 1980-161. Repr. Brighton 1992, p.59.

Pastel drawing by William Rothenstein, head only, profile to left, looking down, with moustache; Ashmolean M., Oxford, WA 1940.3.2. Repr. Rothenstein 1926, no.119; and Rothenstein 1931–2, vol.1, p.54.

Sanguine and black chalk drawing, 320 x 205mm, by William Rothenstein, signed and misdated ‘89’ lower right, re-dated verso, head, profile to left, eyes closed; coll. Barry Humphries. Repr. Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.36.

?Drawing by Florence Humphrey, head-and-shoulders, profile to right; untraced. Repr. as lithograph by same artist; BM, London (ref. O’Donoghue 1908–1922, vol.6, p.102, no.1).

Wash drawing, 255 x 180mm, by William Orpen, half-length, profile to left, wearing dress suit, with nude female; V&A, London, E 1096-1948. Repr. Rothenstein 1938, facing p.117.

Pencil and wash caricature drawing, 197 x 255mm, by William Orpen, inscr. ‘O what does little Conder say in his crib at break of day?’, whole-length, reclining, profile to right; untraced; Christie’s 27 Oct. 1970 (197).

Pencil and black ink drawing on paper, 197 x 254mm, by William Orpen, whole-length, standing, profile to right, wearing greatcoat, cigarette in right hand, next to Orpen in group caricature of NEAC, said to refer to Conder and Orpen joining Club in 1900; untraced. Repr. Christie’s, 14 May 2004 (198).

Pen and ink drawing by Ursula Tyrwhitt; untraced; coll. Mrs Richard Huws, 1974. Exh. Ursula Tyrwhitt Oxford Painter and Collector, 1872–1966, Ashmolean M., Oxford, 1974, p.18.

Pencil drawing, 202 x 207mm, by William Orpen, inscr. lower left ‘Conder / Wm Orpen 1900’, half-length, seated, profile to right, wearing greatcoat; coll. AG New South Wales, Sydney, 296. Exh. Charles Conder, AG New South Wales, Sydney, NG of Victoria, Melbourne, AG of South Australia, Adelaide, 2003–4 (107); repr. Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.6.

Pen and ink caricature drawing, by William Orpen, Conder as Penitent, whole-length, profile to left, kneeling in monk’s costume; untraced. Repr. Rothenstein 1938, p.187.

Pencil sketches on one sheet, 223 x 300mm, by Augustus John, head only, profile to left, looking down, hand holding pencil; untraced; Christie’s, 6 June 1989 (206). Exh. Charles Conder 1868–1909, Graves AG, Sheffield, 1967 (65). Inscr. ‘Barlow by John’ but repr. as Conder in Rothenstein 1938, facing p.196.

Oil on canvas, 140 x 197mm, by Charles Ricketts, A Fancy-Dress Party at 13 Lansdowne Road (home of Sir Edmund Davis), half-length, profile to left, second from right in group; Carlisle CAG, 1949.125.73. Exh. Orleans House, Twickenham, 1979 (71).

Oil on canvas, 1108 x 864mm, by Jacques-Emile Blanche, signed and dated, three-quarter-length, seated, profile to left, brown hair, wearing white collar, light brown waistcoat, black suit; Tate, N05754. Repr. Blanche 1937, facing p.84, Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.55; and elsewhere.
Associated pencil and watercolour sketch, 136 x 105mm, after Blanche’s oil, possibly by John Rothenstein, tipped into proof copy of Rothenstein 1938; NPG D11251.

Pencil drawing by George Washington Lambert, head-and-shoulders, profile nearly perdu to left, reading on sofa; coll. Barry Humphries. Repr. Galbally 2002, p.268.

Pencil, chalk [or charcoal], pen, ink and watercolour drawing by William Orpen; see NPG 6345.

Watercolour caricature by Max Beerbohm, Conder and the Burglar, whole-length, standing, head largely obscured by long octopus of hair entangling a cartoon burglar; Ashmolean M., Oxford, WA 1945.8. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.365; repr. Rothenstein 1938, facing p.196.

Watercolour caricature by Max Beerbohm, The New English Art Club, with 11 others; HRHRC, U. of Texas at Austin, 65.224.51. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.1586; repr. Rothenstein 1931–2, vol.2, frontispiece.

Undated portraitback to top

Watercolour by Max Beerbohm, whole-length, profile to right; untraced. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.355; repr. Lynch 1921, p.80.

Posthumous portraitsback to top

Tempera and ink on gesso on canvas by Max Beerbohm, fresco containing heads and shoulders of Conder and 20 other men; HRHRC, U. of Texas at Austin, 65.170. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.614.
Pencil sketch for above fresco minus one figure; HRHRC, U. of Texas at Austin, 66.51. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.615.

Watercolour caricature by Max Beerbohm, Some Persons of the nineties, with 12 other men; Ashmolean M., Oxford, WA 1945.60. Ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.1650; repr. Hall 1997, p.77.

Pen and ink caricature by Max Beerbohm, A Recollection, inscr. 'Is this what you would imply, Will?', whole-length, profile to left, slumped back in chair, arms in air, with Oscar Wilde, William Rothenstein and Beerbohm at the Cafe Royal; coll. Barry Humphries. Exh. The Wilde Years, Barbican AG, London, 2000 (33); ref. Hart-Davis 1972, no.1322; repr. Rothenstein 1931–2, vol.1, p.221; and Sato, Lambourne & Holland 2000, p.9, no.33.

Photographsback to top

Cabinet print by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to left, clean shaven, wearing high white collar, high-buttoned jacket; State L. of Victoria., LaTrobe Coll., MS 9678. Repr. Galbally 2002, p.11.

Tintype print, 30 x 40mm, by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, profile to right, clean-shaven, dark jacket; State L. of New S Wales, MIN 320 and P1/CONDER.

Albumen print, 110 x 82mm, by unidentified photographer, Algiers, inscr. ‘Alger 1892 / Ger-----’ (illegible), half-length, standing, profile to right, left hand in pocket, short beard and moustache, wearing stiff collar, tie, dark waistcoat and jacket, pinstriped trousers; Mitchell L., State L. of New S Wales, P1/CONDER. Repr. Studio, 1898, p.232. Conder was in Algiers from November 1891 to March 1892.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, three-quarter-length, standing on balcony at The Vale, Chelsea with Charles Ricketts, Llewellyn Hacon, and Charles Shannon; repr. Holmes 1936, facing p.170.
See also Ricketts, Shannon.

Photographs by Henry Walter Barnett, taken at Les Petites Dalles, Normandy:
(a) silver gelatin print, 138 x 245mm, whole-length, profile to right, seated at teatable with sitter’s wife and her aunt Florence Humphrey, wearing grey suit, stiff collar and bowtie; NPG Australia, Canberra, 2001.167. Repr. Galbally 2002, p.237.
Also by Barnett, possibly from the same sitting, certainly around the same period:
(b) half-plate neg., profile to left, wing collar, twill jacket; NPG x81614; platinum print, cropped, State L. of New S Wales, P1/CONDER. Probably same image repr. as vignette, profile to right, ILN, 20 Feb. 1909.
(c) platinum print, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to left, long moustache, wing collar and tie; prints colls V&A, London, 384-1962.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, with Charles Ricketts, Florence Humphrey, Charles Shannon and Llewellyn Hacon; exh. Charles Conder 1868–1909, Graves AG, Sheffield, 1967 (40).
See also Ricketts, Shannon.

Two platinotypes by Frederick Henry Evans:
(a) 154 x 101mm, half-length, almost full-face, chin on left hand with cigarette holder, wearing dark coat, white collar; NPG x1146. Repr. Gibson 1914, frontispiece; and Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.208.
(b) 153 x 102mm, head-and-shoulders, to front, dark coat, white collar, bow tie; NPG x1147.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, profile to left, long moustache, stiff collar, bowtie with check pattern; repr. Graphic, 20 Feb. 1909, p.230.

Gelatine silver print, sepia toned, 280 x 203mm, by Baron Adolf de Meyer, ‘Conder in his studio’, half-length, profile nearly perdu to left, right hand on shelf or sill, wearing dark suit, tie, white shirt; coll. Barry Humphries. Repr. Galbally & Pearce 2003, p.33.

Undated photographback to top

Photograph by unidentified photographer, half-length to left, standing at table with brushes; engr. by Florence Humphrey; ref. O’Donoghue 1908–22, vol.6 (1925), p.102, where said to be illustration to unidentified exh. cat., 1913, presumably An exhibition of the Art of the late Charles Conder, Leicester G., London.

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