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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Edward Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby (1799-1869), Prime Minister

This does not include photographs, of which there are several examples in the NPG or caricatures.

As a child
Miniature by S. Shelley (with a brother and sister). Collection of the Earl of Derby.

Engraving by F. C. Lewis (very close to Harlow's portrait, and probably after it), published Graves and Warmsley, 1842 (example in NPG).

Painting by G. H. Harlow. Collection of the Earl of Derby.
Engraved by H. Robinson, published Fisher, Son & Co, 1833 (example in NPG), for Jerdan's 'National Portrait Gallery'. Replica: Eton College, reproduced L. Gust, Eton College Portraits (1910), plate XXXVII.

'House of Commons, 1821-3’, water-colour by A. Pugin, R. Bowyer, J. Stephanoff. Houses of Parliament. Engraved by Scott, published Parkes, 1836 (example in Houses of Parliament).

'The House of Commons, 1833' by Sir G. Hayter (NPG 54).

Lithograph by B. R. Haydon, published by him, 1833 (example in British Museum).

Drawing called Derby attributed to I. R. Cruikshank (NPG 2789).

Painting by H. P. Briggs. Ex-collection of the Earl of Derby, sold Christie's, 8 October 1954 (lot 97).
Exhibited RA, 1839 (261). Engraved by H. Cousins, published Colnaghi and Puckle, and T. Agnew, 1842 (example in NPG); engraved also by W. H. Mote, published G. Virtue (example in NPG), for 'Portraits of Conservative Statesmen'.

Bust by C. Moore. Commissioned by Lord Skelmersdale. Crystal Palace Portrait Gallery, 1854.
Erroneously listed as 1853 by R. Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors (1953), p 263. Another bust of Derby by Moore was exhibited Art Treasures, Manchester, 1857, 'Sculpture' (127), lent by the artist.

Painting by W. Derby. Collection of the Earl of Derby.

Lithograph by E. Desmaisons, published A. and C. Baily, 1842 (example in NPG).

Woodcut published ILN, IV (1844), 105.

Painting by F. R. Say (NPG 1806).

Parian-ware bust after Count A. D'Orsay. Collection of Roger Fulford.

'The Royal Commissioners for the Exhibition, 1851' by H. W. Phillips. Victoria and Albert Museum.
Exhibited Victorian Era Exhibition, 1897, 'History Section' (8).

Painting by H. C. Selous. Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XX (1852), 169.

Painting by Sir F. Grant. Collection of the Earl of Derby.
Exhibited RA, 1859 (236), according to G. Scharf, Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures at Knowsley Hall (1875), p 110 (no. 193). Study for this portrait: collection of the Earl of Bradford, Weston Park. Two other portraits after Sir F. Grant are at Hughenden.

Painting by Sir F. Grant (in his robes as chancellor of Oxford University). Examination Schools, Oxford.
Exhibited RA, 1859 (236), according to Mrs R. L. Poole, Catalogue of Oxford Portraits (1912), I, 148-9 (no. 359)- In Grant's 'Sitters Book' (copy of original MS, NPG archives), there is only one entry for a portrait of Derby. The RA catalogue gives no indication whether it was this portrait or the one above, in the Earl of Derby's collection, which appeared in the 1859 exhibition. Engraved by F. Bromley, 1860 (no example located).

Drawing by A. Blaikley. Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, XXXII (1858), 249.

Lithograph by J. Brown, after a photograph by H. Lenthall, published Baily, 1860 (example in NPG).

Drawing by G. Richmond. Collection of the Earl of Derby.

Painting by G. Richmond. Listed in his 'Account Book' (photostat copy, NPG archives), p 78.
'Intellect and Valour of Great Britain', engraving by C. G. Lewis, after T. J. Barker, published J. G. Browne, Leicester, 1864 (example in NPG); key-plate published Browne, 1863 (example in British Museum).

'The Derby Cabinet' by H. Gales. Exhibited Victorian Era Exhibition, 1897, 'History Section (49), lent by Baroness Kinloss. Engraved by J. Scott, published Graves, 1870 (example in NPG).

Bust by W. Theed. Collection of the Earl of Derby.

Statue by W. Theed. St George's Hall, Liverpool.
Exhibited RA, 1868 (972). Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, LV (1869), 169.

Marble bust by M. Noble. Collection of Mrs M. Kershaw.

Painting by L. W. Desanges. Recorded and sketched by G. Scharf, Sir George Scharf's Trustees' Sketch Books (NPG archives), XXIV, 55.

Bust by H. P. MacCarthy. Merchant Taylors Company, London.

Bust by M. Noble. Guildhall Museum, London (destroyed 1940).

Effigy by M. Noble. Knowsley Church, Lancashire.

Statue by W. Theed. Junior Carlton Club, London.

Marble statue by W. Theed. Hughenden Manor, Buckinghamshire.

Drawing by G. Richmond. Listed in his 'Account Book' (photostat copy, NPG archives), p 90.

Statue by M. Noble. Preston.

Statue by M. Noble. Parliament Square, London.
Engraved by W. Roffe, published for the Art Journal (1875), p 240.
Four bas-reliefs of Derby are on the plinth. The models for the statues and the reliefs were formerly at Elswick Hall, Newcastle, listed in Catalogue of Lough and Noble Models at Elswick Hall (c.1928), p 51 (175) and p 60 (205).

Bronze bust by T. Woolner. Sydney, Australia.

Marble bust by F. Gleichen. Houses of Parliament.

Painting by an unknown artist. Collection of Miss Simpkins.

Drawing by Sir G. Hayter. British Museum.

Stone bust by an unknown artist. St Peter's and St James's School, London.

Engraving by F. C. Lewis, after J. Slater (example in British Museum).

Various engravings and lithographs (examples in NPG).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.