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Emilia Francis (née Strong), Lady Dilke (1840-1904), Art historian and trade unionist; former wife of Mark Pattison and later second wife of Sir Charles Dilke, 2nd Bt

Art historian and critic; born Emily Francis Strong, 2 September 1840 in Ilfracombe, Devon. Brought up in Oxford, where she met John Ruskin and members of the Pre-Raphaelite school; studied at National Art Training School, South Kensington and with William Mulready; married Mark Pattison, rector of Lincoln College, Oxford 1861; became scholar of French art and culture, then art editor of The Academy 1873–83; publications include The Renaissance of Art in France (1879), Claude Lorrain, sa vie et ses oeuvres (1884) and four volumes on painters, sculptors, engravers, architects and draughtsmen in eighteenth-century France (1899–1902); special interests included the role of women as both artistic producers and subjects; married politician Sir Charles Dilke 1885, henceforth writing under the name Emilia Dilke and extending her interests to social reform and trade union affairs concerning women workers; died 24 October 1904, in Surrey.

Seen in her twenties, her appearance resembled a painting by Greuze or Perroneau: ‘the pale pretty head blonde cendrée; the delicate smiling features and white throat, a touch of black, a touch of blue, a general 18th century impression as though of powder and patches’. [1]

Her personality was striking; according to Richard Jebb, she was ‘difficult to describe – she is very clever, she has tenderness; great courage; and an exquisite sense of humour. In manner she is inclined to be brusque, though … she never fails in perfect taste; she is joyous and affects a certain specially Oxford type of feminine fastness – she talks of art and books and philosophies…’ [2]

To Beatrice Potter Webb, she was ‘a brilliant woman with strong sense, great industry and capacity for manipulation’ but ‘coarse to the backbone: a born intriguer, with an unswerving faith in “cleverness”; an utter cynic as to “righteousness”’. [3] According to her niece Gertrude Tuckwell, however, ‘the same high courage, the same capacity for tireless work, the same sense of public duty’ characterized Emilia and her husband.

Dr Jan Marsh

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Dr Jan Marsh