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Charles Montagu Doughty (1843-1926), Poet and traveller

Explorer, travel writer and poet; born 19 August 1843 at Theberton Hall, Leiston, Suffolk. Graduated from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge 1865; travelled in Europe, North Africa and Middle East 1870–75; studied Arabic in Damascus 1875–6, before travelling south with the hajj caravan to Arabia; lived with Bedouins, studied Nabataean archaeological remains of Mada‘in Saleh, undertook mapping, made geological and anthropological observations 1876–8; in India 1878; on return to England wrote Travels in Arabia Deserta 1879–84 (published with difficulty 1888), an acclaimed masterpiece, though honours slow to follow; later concentrated on writing poetry and plays; married 1886 and led a quiet life in Eastbourne and later Sissinghurst; awarded RGS gold medal 1912; died at home 20 January 1926, cremated at Golders Green, London.

In Damascus Doughty adopted the name of Khalil and dressed as ‘an Arab Christian of the town’ (1875); on the hajj pilgrimage he was ‘clothed as a Syrian of simple fortune’ (1876).[1] On his return to England in 1878 he was described as:

Very tall, thin, not in the least bronzed, reddish fair hair and beard, in whitish cotton clothes of some soft Eastern material, a green band often twisted round his waist; sockless, feet thrust into heelless sandals, and using when he went out a green umbrella.[2]

In 1909 he appeared

A tall, upright man, with thick red beard and thick greyish hair, 66 years old … very serious and self-contained, with a voice laden with sorrow – but a splendid head and fine manners. He lives the life of a hermit at Eastbourne and knows scarcely anyone.[3]

Carol Blackett-Ord

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