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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham (1792-1840), Governor-General of Canada

This does not include the political caricatures by John Doyle in the British Museum.

Painting by A. Nicodemo, with his family (painted at Naples). Collection of W. H. Lambton, Winslow, 1905. Pastel copy: collection of Lord Liverpool, 1905.

Painting by J. Hoppner, with his family. Lambton Castle Sale, 18 April 1932 (lot 56).
Reproduced sale catalogue, facing p 21. Pastel copy by Miss L. Lucas: collection of Lord Liverpool, 1905.

Miniature by an unknown artist. Collection of Lord Lambton.
Reproduced S. J. Reid, Life and Letters of the First Earl of Durham (1906), I, facing 54.

Paintings by T. Phillips (NPG 2547).

'The House of Lords, 1820' by Sir G. Hayter (NPG 999).

Miniature by Sir W. J. Newton. Exhibited RA, 1821 (705).

Marble bust by W. Behnes. Exhibited RA, 1824 (1005).

Miniature by an unknown artist. Collection of S. J. Reid, 1906.
Reproduced S. J. Reid, II, facing 32.

Painting by Sir T. Lawrence. Collection of Lord Lambton (plate 284).
Exhibited RA, 1829 (135); British Institution, 1830 (51); SKM, 1868 (325); VE, 1892 (25); A Pageant of Canada, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, 1967-8 (147), reproduced catalogue, p 213. Reproduced K. Garlick, Sir Thomas Lawrence (1954), plate 94. Engraved by C. Turner, published Colnaghi, 1831 (example in NPG), engraving exhibited RA, 1831 (449). Engraved by others (examples in NPG); an engraving by H. Robinson, after a drawing by J. Stewart (example in NPG), is based on the Lawrence.
Copies: Collection of Major J. R. H. Harley; Reform Club; collection of Sir Pryse and Lady Saunders-Pryse (miniature). A portrait, where the head is based on the Lawrence but the costume is different, is in the Public Archives of Canada, Ottawa, ex-collection of the Earl of Durham. Another variant portrait was engraved by H. Cook, published J. Dowding, 1840 (example in NPG), for Saunders' 'Political Reformers'.

'The Reform Bill Receiving the King's Assent, 1832' by S. W. Reynolds. Houses of Parliament.
Engraved by W. Walker and S. W. Reynolds junior, published Walker, 1836 (example in NPG). The painting is based on a drawing by J. Doyle, also in the Houses of Parliament.

'William IV Holding a Council', lithograph by J. Knight (example in British Museum).

Drawing by Count A. D'Orsay. Sotheby's, 2 February 1950 (lot 216), bought Colnaghi. Lithographed by R. J. Lane, published J. Mitchell (example in NPG).

Engraving by C. E. Wagstaff, after G. Dalziel (in masonic dress), published Dalziel, 1841 (example in British Museum).

Medallion by E. W. Wyon. Exhibited RA, 1841 (1128).

Pastel copy of a miniature, and a drawing by the 4th Lord Hawkesbury. Collection of Lord Liverpool, 1905.
Anonymous silhouette (example in G).
Engraving by J. Harris (example in British Museum).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.