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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

John Passmore Edwards (1823-1911), Newspaper editor and philanthropist

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints

Paintings, drawings, sculptures and printsback to top

Watercolour caricature drawing by Carlo Pellegrini (‘Ape’), whole-length to front, hands behind back, wearing black frock-coat and grey top-hat; untraced.
Chromolithograph by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, repr. Vanity Fair, 17 Oct. 1885, facing p.219; coll. NPG D44248.

Oil on canvas by George Frederic Watts; see NPG 3958.
Duplicate; Truro City Council, Cornwall, PCF10.

Bronze bust by George Frampton, lifesize, commissioned for Camberwell M. and Art School, as part of the Leighton Memorial; Southwark Art Coll., London (Cuming M.), GA0958. Exh. RA 1898 (1950); repr. ‘The Pictures of 1898’, Pall Mall Gazette ‘Extra’, May 1898, p.79; Cassell’s RA Pictures 1898, p.99; and Spielmann 1901, p.93.
Marble version, signed and dated 1899; formerly Hoxton PL, London, now St Ives L., Cornwall. Other marble versions are in Redruth L. and Bodmin L., Cornwall.

Oil on canvas, 1000 x 525mm, by Christabel Annie Cockerell, three-quarter-length to left, standing, hands clasped, against dark background; Hackney M., Chalmers Bequest CH.1996.107.

Bas-relief by unidentified sculptor (possibly George Frampton), head-and-shoulders, profile to left, full beard and bushy hair behind head, two known versions:
(a) ?plaster set in roundel below decorative pediment; within St Bride L., London.
(b) ?stone set in niche, three examples:
(i) in rectangular niche; above foundation stone, exterior of Elliott House (formerly Railway Convalescent Home), Herne Bay, Kent;
(ii) in rectangular niche; exterior of former Friendly Societies Convalescent Home, Herne Bay, Kent;
(iii) in oval niche; exterior of former Caxton home, Limpsfield, Surrey.

Bronze bust by Henry C. Fehr; formerly Passmore Edwards M., London (installed 1900), with Newham Heritage Services (2012). Exh. RA 1900 (2013); repr. Spielmann 1901, p.139; Visual Arts Data Service; and Newham Story.

Bronze lunette bas-relief, 100 x 177mm, possibly by Henry C. Fehr, head to left within medallion, foliage and allegorical figure to left; over entrance doorway, former Passmore Edwards M., London, now U. of East London (2012).

Oil by Felix Moscheles, signed, dated and inscr. ‘J Passmore Edwards’, half-length to left, arms folded; Mary Ward Centre, London.

Undated portrait
Terracotta bust, 29in high, by unidentified sculptor, ?cast by Hexter Humpherson & Co. of the Royal Watcombe Pottery; coll. Devon County Council (Newton Abbott L.). At first sight, this appears to be a version of the Frampton bust (see above, ‘1897’) but the sloping shoulders do not accord with that work, and seem more likely to be based on one or more of the photographs by Argall (see below, ‘Photographs, 1893’).

Posthumous portraits

Fibreglass bust, 500mm high, by Ron Wood, head and neck; St Agnes M., Cornwall. Exh. A History of Cornwall in 100 Objects 2010 (online); repr. BBC ‘History of the World’.

Acrylic on board, 970 x 620mm, by Elizabeth Foster, head-and-shoulders, gaze to left, white hair and beard framing face; Passmore Edwards Inst., Hayle, Cornwall, PCF2. Repr. PCF (Cornwall and Scilly) 2007, p.63. Based on photograph by Frederick Argall (see below, ‘Photographs, 1893, pose [b]’).

Photographsback to top

?before 1890
Cabinet card by James Russell & Sons, three-quarter-length to front, standing, left hand on chairback, wearing long double-breasted frock coat; repr. Passmore Edwards Centennial.

Photographed ascribed to General Photographic Agency, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to left, grey hair and bushy beard, wearing black coat, stiff shirt and dark bow tie; Getty Images, 3321274.
Possible variant from same date, head-and-shoulders to front; repr. as engr. by Plummer, Review of Reviews 1895, p.139.

Photographs by Frederick Argall, Truro, Cornwall, three known poses:
(a) bust-length to right, wearing stiff shirt front with two buttons visible and dark coat; print in St Agnes MMI, Cornwall; repr. Passmore Edwards Centennial. This image may be that 140 x 100mm, described as ‘sitting cabinet photograph’; reg. for copyright 1893 July 11: National Archives (COPY 1/413). Head-and-shoulders vignette also issued; repr. Passmore Edwards Centennial.
Linocut by Kim Vousden, based on (a) and endowing Edwards with a halo, made for the St Bride L., London, 2011 to mark the centenary of his death.
(b) bust length, looking left, wearing black jacket and waistcoat with white shirt and bow tie; framed print, St Ives L., Cornwall.
(c) laying foundation stone of the Miners and Mechanics Inst., St Agnes, 7 June 1893; ref. St Agnes MMI website.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, standing, holding hat and stick, in large group outside West Ham Technical Inst. & Library, Water Lane, Stratford, on its formal opening, 6 Oct. 1898; ref. ‘Newham Story’ website,

Photograph by John Caswall Smith, London, head-and-shoulders to right, white hair and beard, wearing stiff shirt and black coat; Penlee House GM, Penzance.
Variant image, half-length, same brushed-back hair but looking to camera, wearing waistcoat and jacket with watch-chain visible; ref. clipping with facsimile signature from unidentified journal in NPG SB (Edwards). Bust-length print mounted and framed; National Soc. for Epilepsy, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks.

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