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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Michael Faraday (1791-1867), Scientist

This does not include photographs, of which there are several examples in the NPG, and woodcuts and reproductions of others. Several are reproduced L. P. Williams, Michael Faraday (1965).

Bust by E. H. Baily. Crystal Palace Portrait Gallery, 1854.

Painting by H. W. Pickersgill. Royal Institution, London.
Exhibited RA, 1829 (226), SKM, 1868 (487), and VE, 1892 (240).
Reproduced R. Appleyard, A Tribute to Michael Faraday (1931), frontispiece. Engraved by S. Cousins, published Colnaghi, 1830 (example in British Museum), and engraved by J. Cochran, published Fisher, 1833 (example in NPG), for Jerdan's 'National Portrait Gallery'.

Bust by E. H. Baily. Exhibited RA, 1830 (1244).
Plaster casts: University Museum, Oxford, and The Athenaeum, London; the latter reproduced H. Ward, History of the Athenaeum, 1824-1925 (1926), facing p 6. The type was lithographed by W. Drummond, published McLean, 1835 (example in NPG), for 'Portraits of Members of the Athenaeum'.

Drawing by W. Brockedon (NPG 2515(24)).

Engraving by D. Maclise, published Fraser's Magazine, XIII (1836), facing 224, as no. 69 of his 'Gallery of Illustrious Literary Characters'. Study: Victoria and Albert Museum (F88), together with another different drawing.

Lithograph by Miss H. S. Turner, after a drawing by E. U. Eddis (example in NPG).

Engraving by C. Turner, published by the artist, 1839 (example in British Museum).

Painting by T. Phillips (NPG 269).

Woodcut published ILN, IX (1846), 184.

Medallion by L. Wyon. Exhibited RA, 1846 (988).

Lithograph by T. H. Maguire, published G. Ransome, 1851 (example in NPG), for 'Ipswich Museum Portraits'.

Painting by J. Z. Bell. University of Glasgow.

Drawing by G. Richmond. Royal Institution, London.
Exhibited SKM, 1868 (534) and VE, 1892 (357). Engraved by W. Holl, engraving exhibited RA, 1870 (860).

'Michael Faraday Lecturing at the Royal Institution' by A. Blaikley. Collection of the Faraday Society.
Reproduced R. Appleyard, A Tribute to Michael Faraday (1931), facing p 34. Anonymous lithograph (example in British Museum); a similar lithograph, coloured in oils by the artist, is in the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow.

Pastel by A. Blaikley. Collection of Ernest Blaikley.

Bust by M. Noble. Royal Institution, London. Possibly the bust by Noble exhibited RA, 1855 (1510), and Art Treasures of the United Kingdom, Manchester, 1857, 'Sculpture' (133), lent by the sitter. A model, possibly for this bust, was formerly at Elswick Hall, Newcastle, listed in Catalogue of Lough and Noble Models at Elswick Hall (1928), p 64 (223). A small ivory bust by Noble is also in the Royal Institution.

Painting by E. Armitage (with Lord Wrottesley, Mr Grove and Mr Gaissiot). Royal Society, London.

Engraving by H. Adlard (with Tyndall). Reproduced A. S. Eve and C. H. Creasey, Life and Work of John Tyndall (1945), facing p 91.

'Intellect and Valour of Great Britain', engraving by C. G. Lewis, after T. J. Barker, published J. G. Browne, Leicester, 1864 (example in NPG); key-plate, published Browne, 1863 (example in British Museum).

Bust by J. H. Foley. Royal Society, London.

Bust by M. Noble. Royal Society, London.
Reproduced R. Appleyard, Faraday (1931), facing p 62.

Statue by J. H. Foley. Royal Institution, London.
Reproduced as a woodcut ILN, LXX (1877), 233. Marble copy of the head by Sir T. Brock (NPG 748).

Painting by G. Harcourt. Institution of Electrical Engineers, London.

Bust by H. E. D. Bate. Exhibited RA, 1943 (940).

Painting by A. Blaikley (based on a photograph by Mayall). Royal Society, London.

Painting by H. S. Hyde. Burndy Library, Norwalk, USA.

'Faraday Lecturing to Victorian Scientists', bronze plaque by W. B. Fagan. Imperial Chemical House, Westminster. Reproduced A. S. Eve and C. H. Creasey, Tyndall (1945), facing p 116.

Steel plaque by F. J. Halnon. Reproduced Sir R. A. Hadfield, Faraday and his Metallurgical Researches (1931), frontispiece.

Various lithographs and engravings (examples in NPG and British Museum).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.