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Regency Portraits Catalogue

William Wentworth Fitzwilliam, 2nd Earl Fitzwilliam (1748-1833), Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland

Oil formerly at Wentworth Woodhouse, in a group with his sisters Anne and Charlotte (Musgrave MS 5726E).

Oil by Reynolds at Milton Park 1764, and a replica at Aske Hall, head and shoulders in Van Dyck costume; a later oil by Reynolds was at Sotheby's (Major Storer) 24 March 1920 (47), engraved in mezzotint by Grozer 1786 (John Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotint Portraits, II).

Oil by Copley, 'The Death of Chatham' in the Tate Gallery (100).

Line engraving profile to left in London Magazine, March 1783.

Oil attributed to Owen at Howick Grange, oval head and shoulder slightly to left aged about 40.

Stipple engraving by Hopwood after a picture by Bernard Killingbeck dedicated to the Officers and Brother Volunteers of the Yorkshire West Riding Yeomanry Cavalry of which he was Colonel Commandant.

Drawing from life by W. H. Brown and engraved by Warren for The Senator, April 1791.

Stipple engraving published by B. Crosby, 1 April 1795, head and shoulders as Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland and wearing the Ribbon and Star of KG of which Order he was never a member.

Drawing by Edridge formerly at Holland House, three-quarter-length seated by a window signed and dated 1796, bought at St Anne's Hill sale November 1924 (505-7) among a group of pencil drawings of Fox and his friends (Holland House Catalogue, Addenda and Corrigenda, 1939, p 38).

'Whig Statesmen and their Friends, c.1810' group by W. Lane (NPG 2076).

Oil by Owen (NPG 4979).

Medal by Jonathan Wilson struck in 1819, finished in 1824 and the die exhibited SBA 1825 (357); 'No artist did more to adorn the various manufactures of this town; his medals of Pitt, Earl Fitzwilliam etc. will rank among the first productions of the kind' (Sheffield paper October 1829 quoted in L. Forrer, Dictionary of British Medallists, VI, p 509). The medal reproduced in Laurence Brown, British Historical Medals, 1980, 988.

A full-sized whole-length by William Cowen, a protégé of the Earl but normally a landscape artist, was in Christie's (cancelled Coollattin House sale) 25 July 1980 (655), showing him sitting beneath a silver urn presented to him by the artisans of Sheffield in 1826.

Oil by Lawrence at Wentworth Woodhouse, 'about finished in 1830' (Lawrence, Executor's list, 229, Kenneth Garlick, ‘Catalogue of Paintings, Drawings and Pastels of Sir Thomas Lawrence’ in Walpole Society Journal, XXXIX, 1964, pp 80, 295).

Bust by Edward Law 1829 was formerly at Wentworth Woodhouse and another of 1834 is in the Cutlers' Hall, Sheffield.

Miniature attributed to Cosway, both artist and sitter doubtful, was shown to the NPG in 1964.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.