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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845), Quaker minister and social reformer

Oval oil attributed to Opie in a private collection, whole-length seated aged 14 with a greyhound and flowery hat, reproduced in Jacobine Menzies-Wilson, Amelia, 1937.

Silhouette aged 18, her hair brushed upwards, lithograph by Standidge & Co. in Memoir of Elizabeth Fry, 1847, I, frontispiece.

Silhouette by Miers in a private collection, her hair in ringlets tied with ribbon, reproduced in Connoisseur, CXXIII, March 1949, p 39.

Silhouette by Miers in a private collection, her hair worn under a Quaker cap, reproduced Connoisseur, loc. cit., p 40.

Drawing by Amelia Alderson (later Opie) in a private collection, head in profile possibly wearing the Quaker hat for the first time, reproduced in John Kent, Elizabeth Fry, 1962, plate 2.

Miniature by Drummond (NPG 118).

Miniature by Thomas Wright exhibited RA 1815 (423), perhaps that lent to Burlington Fine Arts Club Exhibition 1889 by H. Drake.

Wax by Percy in a private collection (E. J. Pyke, Dictionary of Wax Modellers, p 103 and reproduced in Country Life, 10 January, 1947, p 132).

Pencil drawing by Scharf in British Museum, half-length seated inscribed: Mrs Fry, sketch'd in Newgate, 1819. C. Scharf (Laurence Binyon, Catalogue of Drawings by British Artists … in the British Museum, IV, 34).

Watercolour drawing by Richard Dighton in Royal Collection (Windsor Castle), whole-length seated reading to the prisoners (A. P. Oppé, English Drawings … at Windsor Castle, 1950, 185, reproduced p 43).

Oil by Leslie in the Society of Friends' library (copy NPG 898).

Line engraving by Jerry Barrett, 'Elizabeth Fry reading to the prisoners in Newgate 1823' reproduced in John Kent, Elizabeth Fry, 1962, p 96.

Engraving by W. T. Fry of Mrs Fry with Sir Walter Scott exhibited SBA 1824 (683).

Line engraving by J. J. Hinchcliff from a portrait by Mary Martha Pearson, half-length with eyeglass, Bible and facsimile of autograph, 'My attached and obliged friend Elizabeth Fry'.

Wax bust by C. A. Rivers exhibited SBA 1832 (873) and reproduced in E. J. Pyke, Dictionary of Wax Modellers,1973, plate 240; a wax statue was exhibited by Rivers RA 1837 (1258).

Watercolour by George Richmond in a private collection and a copy at Walsingham Abbey, whole-length matronly figure in purple dress, white cloak, Quaker cap, signed and dated: Geo. Richmond fecit, 1843. A collotype reproduction was published by the Medici Society. Richmond's portrait was used by Charles Vyse as a basis for his statue of Mrs Fry in the Old Bailey.

Wax by Catherine Andras in a private collection, Cambridge (E. J. Pyke, Dictionary of Wax Modellers, 1973, p 5).

Silhouette by Miss Glover, 'I was in prison and ye came to me', a group showing Thomas Fowell Buxton and Mrs Fry visiting a prisoner; the attribution to Miss Glover is given by Augustus Hare in The Gurneys of Earlham, 1895, I, p x.

Miniature by J. P. in Hothfield collection.

Oil by Henrietta Ward exhibited RA 1876 (120) and a small copy in Friends House.

Marble bust by Frank Theed exhibited RA 1885 (1982).

Unattributed plaster bust lent to the Victorian Exhibition 1892 (538) by Miss Constance Hill.
Statue by Charles Vyse in the Old Bailey and a porcelain statuette exhibited RA 1911 (179) now in Friends House.

Marble statue by Alfred Drury exhibited RA 1912 (1774) now in the Guildhall.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.