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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

John Gibson (1790-1866), Sculptor

Bust by Mrs Vose. Exhibited RA, 1819 (1190).

Lithograph by T. H. Maguire, after a drawing by S. S. Kirkup of 1821 (example in NPG).

Drawing by J. Partridge (NPG 3944(32)).

Painting by A. Geddes. Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
Probably the portrait exhibited RA, 1832 (171); exhibited The Liverpool Academy, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, 1960 (42). Engraved by S. Bellin (example in British Museum). Replica: ex-collection of Sir Robert Peel; see Gentleman's Magazine, NS XXVII (1847), 290.

Lithograph by R. J. Lane (after Gibson?). Recorded in Lane's 'Account Books' (NPG archives), I, 29.

Painting by T. Ellerby. Exhibited RA, 1835 (412).

Enamel miniature by C. R. Bone. Exhibited RA, 1835 (763).

Painting by A. Geddes. Exhibited RA, 1838 (488).

Bust by W. Barton. Exhibited Derby Mechanics' Institute, 1839. See R. Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors (1953), p 41.

Drawing by C. Vogel. Küpferstichkabinett, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen, Dresden.
Reproduced Burlington Magazine, XI (1907), 380.

Painting by E. D. Leahy. Exhibited RA, 1843 (226).

Drawing by W. Brockedon (NPG 2515(96)).

Drawing by C. Martin. Collection of Sir T. Marchant Williams, 1913.
Newspaper cutting in NPG. Reproduced as a woodcut (in reverse) ILN, XI (1847), 261.

Painting by P. Williams. Academy of St Luke, Rome. Exhibited RA, 1844 (372).
Engraved by C. Wagstaff, published Colnaghi, 1845 (example in NPG). Anonymous engraving (head only, in reverse), published Art Journal (1849), p 141. A study of 1839, differing in some respects, is reproduced T. Matthews, John Gibson RA (1911), facing p 122.

Painting by J. Partridge. Partridge Sale, Christie's, 15 June 1874 (lot 67), bought Agnew.
Exhibited SKM, 1868 (589).

Painting by J. Graham-Gilbert. National Gallery of Scotland.
Exhibited RA, 1848 (860), and Royal Scottish Academy, 1849 (2). Smaller replica: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

Painting by Sir E. Landseer. Royal Academy, London (plate 351).
Exhibited Paintings and Drawings by Sir Edwin Landseer, RA, 1961 (78). The suggestion that the portrait may have been painted in 1844 is unacceptable on the evidence of the apparent age of the sitter. A replica is in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Etching by J. Brown, after a drawing by H. W. Phillips (example in NPG).

Painting by Sir W. Boxall. Exhibited RA, 1851 (180), and possibly Exhibition of Works by the Old Masters etc, RA, 1893 (4), lent by Lord Coleridge.

Bust by W. Theed. Parish Church, Conway.
Exhibited RA, 1852 (1473).

Drawing by R. Lehmann. British Museum.
Reproduced R. Lehmann, Men and Women of the Century (1896), p 26.

Drawing by C. Martin. Exhibited RA, 1855 (692).

Painting by Mrs M. Carpenter (NPG 232).

Woodcut, after a photograph by J. Watkins, published ILN, XXX (1857), 418.

Bronze bust by J. E. Jones. Exhibited RA, 1857 (1347).

Drawing by F. Talfourd. Exhibited RA, 1859 (837).

Engraving by D. J. Pound, after a photograph by Mayall (example in NPG), published Pound's 'Drawing Room Portrait Gallery'.

Drawing formerly attributed to H. H. Meyer (NPG 1370).

Bust by G. E. Ewing. Exhibited RA, 1862 (1007).

Painting by Sir W. Boxall. Royal Academy, London.
Exhibited RA, 1864 (54). Reproduced Paintings ... in the Diploma and Gibson Galleries, Royal Academy (1931), p 16.

Anonymous lithograph, after a drawing by C. M. Beresford (example in British Museum).

Painting by E. Löwenthal. Exhibited RA, 1865 (103).

Woodcut, after a photograph by Maull & Co, published ILN, XLVIII (1866), 161.

Marble bust by J. Adams. St George's Hall, Liverpool.
Exhibited RA, 1866 (894).

Busts by Mrs H. E. Cholmeley and H. Bursill. Exhibited RA, 186 (1036), and 1866 (1003).

Bust by W. Theed. Royal Academy, London.
Exhibited RA, 1868 (969). Reduced replica (NPG 1795). The head of a statue in Munich is after Theed's bust.

Bronze medallion by J. S. Wyon. Issued by the Art Union of London (example in NPG).

Painting by H. W. Pickersgill. Pickersgill Sale, Christie's, 17 July 1875 (lot 323).

Bust by L. Macdonald. Crystal Palace Portrait Gallery, 1854.

Marble medallion by H. Hosmer. Watertown Free Public Library, Mass. Another medallion is on
Gibson's tomb in the Protestant Cemetery at Rome. A third was with Weinreb, 1969.

Anonymous silhouette. Scottish NPG.

Lithographs by T. H. Maguire and J. Jackson, and several photographs (examples in NPG).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.