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Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Arthur Hacker (1858-1919), Painter

By other artists

Self-portraitback to top

Oil on canvas, signed and dated ‘A.H. 92’, head-and-shoulders, full-face, wearing wing collar and loose dark tie with spots; untraced. Repr MA, 1894, p.115.

By other artistsback to top

Oil on panel, 330 x 230mm, by Solomon Joseph Solomon, signed and inscr. ‘A mon ami / Tanger / 84’, head-and-shoulders, full-face; untraced. Exh. RA 1895 (749); engr. by ‘M[eisenbach]’ repr. ILN, 11 May 1895, p.590; Cassell’s RA Pictures 1895, p.86.

Drawing by Theodore Blake Wirgman, inscr., signed and dated Jan. 1894, head-and-shoulders, profile to left; untraced. Repr. Graphic, 27 Jan. 1894, p.88.

Bronze bust, lifesize, by (Edward) Onslow Ford, head and neck with large loose tie; untraced. Exh. RA 1894 (1818); repr. Cassell’s RA Pictures 1894, p.72; Bearnes, Torquay, 20 May 1986 (337).

Pencil and black chalk drawing by Sydney Prior Hall; see NPG 4389

Design by Frank Craig, for ‘Prize-giving at Royal Academy Schools’, thumbnail sketch, head-and-shoulders profile to right, inscr. with name; repr as an engr. The Graphic, 14 December 1895, p.735.

Crayon and paint drawing by Sydney Prior Hall; see NPG 4404.

exh. 1896
Medium unknown, by Theodore Blake Wirgman, with George Frampton and John MacAllan Swan; untraced. Exh. RSPP 1896 (171).

Drawing by E.A. Marshall; untraced. Exh. RA 1898 (1481).

Oil on canvas, 1473 x 2388mm, by Fred Roe, A City Banquet: Mr Justice Swinfen Eady replies for the Visitors, rear view, profile to left, seated with elbow resting on table, third from right in group of ten diners; untraced; presented to Clothworkers’ Hall, London, 1921, presumed destroyed during WW2. Exh. RA 1911 (222); halftone by André & Sleigh Ltd repr. Cassell’s RA Pictures 1911, p.125.
See also Cohen, Herkomer.

Lithograph, 296 x 220mm, by Flora Lion, inscr., signed and dated on stone, titled in pencil, head turned to left, wearing hat; BM, London, 1922,0920.7.

Pencil sketch 184 x 123mm, by Fred Roe, inscr. with sitter’s name, head-and-shoulders, profile to left, with cigar in mouth; pasted into album on reverse of menu card dated May 1914; Fred Roe Albums, vol. I, NPG D43107.

Pen and ink sketch by Harry Furniss, head and bow tie only, unruly hair; untraced. Repr. Furniss 1923, p.171.

Photographsback to top

Photograph by Brown, Barnes & Bell, Baker St, head-and-shoulders, nearly full-face, wearing high collar, loose dark tie (cf. Hacker’s self-portrait ‘1892’ above). Engr. repr. ILN, 27 Jan. 1894, p.111.

Photograph by W. Debenham, head-and-shoulders, full-face, with dark hair and moustache, wearing wing collar and pale tie with pattern. Repr. The Year’s Art 1893, facing p.60.

Carbon print, 227 x 315mm, by Fradelle & Young, in multi-figure group at a banquet in honour of Lawrence Alma-Tadema at the Whitehall Rooms, London, 4 Nov. 1899 (presence confirmed on sheet of over 100 signatures); NPG x19022. Repr. MA, 1900, p.137 (with signatures insert); and Swanson 1990, p.85.
See also Alma-Tadema, Boughton, Brock, Clausen, J. Collier, Crane, East, E.O. Ford, Frampton, Gregory, Lucas, Parsons, Sant, Solomon, Spielmann, W.H. Thornycroft, J.W. Waterhouse, A. Webb.

Albumen carte-de-visite, 147 x 102mm, by Russell & Sons, 17 Baker St, Portman Sq. (Russell & Sons’ registered address 1888–1912), half-length, half-profile to left, with moustache, arms crossed on chest, wearing wing collar and large striped bow tie; RA, London, 04/1702.
Possible variant pose from same session, head-and-shoulders, profile to left, wearing high collar, large striped bow tie. Repr. Wilson 1902, p.311.

Sepia bromide print, 145 x 103mm, by unidentified photographer, with Hacker’s autograph, half-length, near-profile to left, with grey hair and moustache, wearing wing collar and spotted bow tie; NPG x17212, from Spielmann Gift.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, seated, nearly full-face, legs crossed. Repr. Bystander, 1 May 1912, p.224.

Platinum print, 147 x 104mm, by James Russell & Sons for NPR, half-length, profile to left, wearing high stiff collar, spotted tie, check suit; NPG Ax39215.

Dr Jan Marsh