Regency Portraits Catalogue

Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846), History painter and diarist

A portrait (probably a miniature) by Harry Ashby of 'Mr Haydon' exhibited RA 1801 (296) may have been Benjamin Robert Haydon aged 15.

Squared-up drawing for an enamel by Henry Bone in NPG library (Henry Bone’s annotated pencil drawings for miniatures and enamels, III, 19) inscribed: Mr Haydon Sept 1807 (erased) 1811 may be of Benjamin Robert Haydon.

Portrait of Haydon when young in fancy dress at Christie's (George Blamire sale) 7 November 1863 (7), pencil sketch in Scharf copy of catalogue in NPG library.

Self-portrait as 'The Spirit of the Vine' in Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter (reproduced W. B. Pope, Diary of Benjamin Robert Haydon, III, frontispiece) - possibly intended for the Silenus picture.

Oil by Andrew Geddes exhibited RA 1815 (382) and offered to the NPG by Frank Scott Haydon in 1880, 'Geddes's oil-portrait of my father (painted in 1814) is the best which I know' (letter to Scharf 24 April 1880 in NPG archive). The same unacceptable conditions were attached to this as to the life-mask NPG 2172. It was sold Christie's 17 February 1936 (94), half-length to right in crimson coat and white neckcloth.

Drawing by Wilkie (NPG 1505) and head and shoulders profile dated 1815 in Ashmolean Museum (reproduced W. B. Pope, Diary of Benjamin Robert Haydon, I, frontispiece), and etched by Mrs Dawson Turner. A grey wash drawing of this, possibly for an engraving, is in NPG library (MacDonnell, Dictionary of National Biography, XXV, p 283).

Watercolour drawing by J. P. Davis in V&A Museum (I.18.1111-1927) head and shoulders to right, signed and dated: J P Davis delt 1816 with facsimile of Haydon's signature and date 1816; an etching of this was done in reverse, perhaps by Mrs Dawson Turner, with Davis's monogram.

Oil by Harlow in Birmingham Art Gallery, three-quarter-length in Van Dyck costume; a chalk drawing in the Courtauld Institute was exhibited 'British Portraits' 1956-7 (694) and reproduced Autobiography (ed. Huxley, 1926, I, frontispiece and Eric George, B. R. Haydon, 1958.

Drawing by Keats (NPG 3250).

Bust by E. H. Baily exhibited RA 1818 (1085).

Oil by William Nicholson in Plymouth Art Gallery (formerly in Scottish NPG), head and shoulders to right.

Life-masks (NPG 2172 and 2802).

Black and red chalk self-portrait offered to NPG in 1880, head and shoulders to left in a broad white collar, engraved by Thomson and published by Henry Colburn in The New Monthly Magazine, 1820.

Self-portrait engraved by Thomson for The European Magazine, 1824, head and shoulders to right. A grey wash drawing of this, possibly by Thomson for the engraving, is in the NPG library (MacDonnell, Dictionary of National Biography, XXV, p 283).

Oil by Georgiana Zornlin (NPG 510).

Oil by T. H. Illidge offered to the NPG in 1864 as three-quarter-length in a black coat (Sir George Scharf’s Trustees Sketchbooks, VIII, 76) and lent to Third Exhibition of National Portraits, South Kensington, 1868 (575) by Mrs E. Way and by then cut to half-length, inscribed on the back: B.R. Haydon 1838; head and shoulders woodcut in Illustrated London News, 4 July, 1846, p 12.

Marble bust by Park exhibited SBA 1838 (610), reproduced in F. W. Haydon, Correspondence, 1876, I, frontispiece.

Oil self-portrait (NPG 268).

A death-mask was taken and at one time in possession of his eldest son, see NPG 2172.

Plaster bust by E. J. Physick exhibited RA 1854 (1479) as 'Posthumous Bust (to be executed in marble) - modelled for the relatives of the deceased in Philadelphia'.

Black and white chalk drawing at Bonhams 6 February 1980 (22).

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