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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Henry Richard Fox (later Vassall), 3rd Baron Holland (1773-1840), Whig statesman and patron of art and letters

The following iconography does not include the innumerable personal and political satires issued from 1802 onwards and listed in the British Museum Catalogues. For Doyle's drawings see Laurence Binyon, Catalogue of Drawings by British Artists … in the British Museum, II. Much of the Holland House collection was destroyed by an oil bomb in 1941, the remainder is vested in the Strangways Estates Limited.

Oil by Louis Gauffier, a small whole-length painted in Florence with a companion portrait (1795) of Lady Webster, later Lady Holland; at the time of the divorce Sir Godfrey Webster unsuccessfully claimed the Gauffier portrait of his former wife.

Miniature by Rampicci, of which Lord Holland wrote to his sister, 'I send you by a courier of Mr Wyndham's a little miniature of me done at Naples. It is like me but a vile daub in other respects.' (Lord Ilchester, Addenda & Corrigenda, 1939, p 29).

Oils by F.-X. Fabre (NPG 3660 and versions).

Oil by L. Gauffier (NPG 1382 'Unknown Man').

Oil by J. R. Smith, exhibited RA 1802 (3) with a pastel version and a mezzotint by S. W. Reynolds, whole-length with spaniel and bust of C. J. Fox (Lord Ilchester, Addenda & Corrigenda, 1939, p 37, and Lord Ilchester, The Home of the Hollands 1605-1820, 1937, p 200).

Marble bust by Nollekens at Woburn Abbey (Byron exhibition, 1974).

'Whig Statesmen and their Friends c.1810' by W. Lane (NPG 2076).

Oil sketch by Hayter (NPG 5192).

‘The Trial of Queen Caroline 1820' by Hayter (NPG 1695(g) and 999).

Drawing attributed to Lawrence in Courtauld Institute of Art.

Oil on wood by C. R. Leslie and copy by J. Simpson (NPG 382).

Marble bust by Francis exhibited RA 1829 (1183) and another dated 1838 at Frogmore.

'Caricatures by Landseer' (NPG 4914).

'The House of Lords Passing the Reform Bill 1832' by S. W. Reynolds; Holland as one of the six Commissioners sits at the table in front of the throne; both oil and watercolour sketch (probably by John Doyle) are in the House of Lords.

'The House of Commons 1833' by Hayter (NPG 54 and Richard Ormond, National Portrait Gallery: Early Victorian Portraits, 1973, pp 526-36).

Small oil on wood by C. F. Bate at Castle Howard (Hawkesbury Catalogue, p 42).

'The First Council of Queen Victoria' by Wilkie in Royal Collection (Sir Oliver Millar, The Later Georgian Pictures in the Collection of Her Majesty The Queen, 1969, 1188 and plate 279).

'Holland House Library' by C. R. Leslie at Howick was painted for Lady Holland's birthday and shows Lord and Lady Holland with Dr Allen, William Doggett and the portrait of 'Addison' on the floor (Lord Ilchester, The Home of the Hollands 1605-1820, 1937, p 365); Lady Holland bequeathed it to Lord Grey in 1845; it was exhibited RA 1841, 'British Portraits', RA, 1956-7 and 'Lord Byron', V&A Museum, 1974.

Watercolour drawing by Grimaldi listed in Rev Alexander Grimaldi, A Catalogue of Paintings, Drawings & Engravings by and after William Grimaldi, 1873.

Oil by unknown artist in Nottingham Castle Museum.

Oil and engraving by Hugh Hughes, whole-length seated with Lord John Russell in Holland House library.

Drawing by Linnell dated October 1840 (Pictures at Holland House, 1904, p 167).

Marble busts of Lord and Lady Holland and their daughter Georgiana Anne (died aged 10) by Westmacott in Millbrook parish church, Bedfordshire, were described by The Eclesiologist as 'flagrantly Whig'.

Bronze statue by Watts and Boehm in Holland Park, Kensington (Illustrated London News, 28 September 1872, p 305).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.