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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey (1773-1850), Scottish judge and critic; editor of the 'Edinburgh Review'

'I find that the common prints give a very inadequate notion of his appearance. The artists of this day are such a set of cowardly fellows that they never dare to give the truth as it is in nature … Jeffrey's countenance could not stand such a test [of sculpture in marble]. To catch the minutest elements of its eloquent power would, I think, be a hard enough task for any painter, and indeed ... it has proved too hard a task for such as have yet attempted it' (J. G. Lockhart, Peter's Letters, 1819, I, pp 53-5).

Wax medallion by Henning in Scottish NPG (532), dated 1801 and probably contemporary with that of Francis Horner and others; drawing by Henning, profile to right signed and dated 1806, was in an album of 12 portrait studies at Christie's. March 1975 (2/12); enamel profile dated 1807 in Scottish NPG (139) and a wax in V&A Museum (100-1965); a wax medallion, artist unknown, was at Sotheby's 28 January 1977 (21).

Oil by W. H. Lizars is known from an undated line engraving c.1820, head and shoulders slightly to right; an oil of some similarity, attributed to Raeburn, was at Christie's 19 June 1970 (162). Lizars did not paint much after the death of his father in 1812.

Etching by Kay, small profile to left, among the twelve Edinburgh advocates who plead without wigs (Kay's Portraits, II, p 462); another, three-quarter-length speaking in court 1816 (ibid. p 388).

Oil by Raeburn, half-length in black, holding glove, was formerly in the Raeburn family collection, then Lord Rosebery and his sale Christie's 5 May 1939 (110) bought Lockett Thomson, Barbizon House, and offered by him to the NPG; engraved in stipple by Freeman for Cadell & Davies 1812.

Watercolour drawing by William Nicholson, signed and dated 1816, at Abbotsford, etched by Nicholson 1817 and used without acknowledgement, artist's name as 'P.M.' for illustrations engraved by Wastle in Lockhart's Peter's Letters, 1819, II, pp 59-60.

Stipple engraving by Meyer published Henry Colburn, 1 October 1819.

Stipple engraving by C. R. West published Joyce Gold 30 December 1820.

Oil by Geddes (NPG 1628).

Life-mask described in Haydon's Diary, 5 May 1821.

Plaster bust by Joseph in Scottish NPG (229), dated 1822.

Oil by John Pairman in Scottish NPG (280), signed and dated 1823.

Oil by Colvin Smith in Scottish NPG (569) reproduced Greig frontispiece. The artist's ledger records 8 copies; one was engraved in mezzotint by Cousins and published W. Walker 1830; a line engraving of one, by G. Parker, was used in 1832 for Jerdan's National Portrait Galley; one was at Christie's 15 May 1936 (67). A romanticised coloured lithograph by W. Weisse shows him holding a book with a bust of Byron in background.

Silhouette by Edouart, whole-length standing in tail-coat with his daughter in a long flounced dress (Mrs F. Neville Jackson, Ancestors in Silhouette cut by August Edouart, 1921, plate facing p 36).

Oil sketch by Hayter at Christie's (Hayter sale) 19-21 April 1871 (522), engraving in mezzotint by J. E. Coombs and J. Sartain.

'House of Commons 1833' by Hayter (NPG 54 and Richard Ormond, National Portrait Gallery: Early Victorian Portraits, 1973, 526 & 533).

Pencil and watercolour drawings by B. W. Crombie in an album in Scottish NPG (2306); lithograph in profile by Crombie dated May 1837 and coloured etching in Crombie's Modern Athenians, whole-length elegantly strolling in Edinburgh 1847, rather slimmer than in Edouart's silhouette of 1830.

Drawing by Linnell (NPG 1815).

Marble bust by Park (NPG 133).

Bust by Christopher Moore in Crystal Palace destroyed in 1936; another exhibited RA 1853 (1418).

Bust by W. Brodie exhibited RA 1850 (1398) (plaster) and Royal Scottish Academy 1851 (649).

Marble bust (1852) and statue (1855) by Sir John Steell both in Parliament House, Edinburgh; plaster bust (1852) in Scottish NPG.

Chalk drawing by W. Bewick in Scottish NPG (667).

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.