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Regency Portraits Catalogue

Edward Jenner (1749-1823), Surgeon; discoverer of vaccination

A 'List of Authentic Portraits' with comments is printed by W. R. LeFanu, A Bio-Bibliography of Edward Jenner, 1951, pp 156-60. The Plymouth Northcote portraits are discussed by Bernard J. Peck in 'The Case of the Identical Twins', a paper read to the Plymouth Medical Society on 12 December 1958 (copy in NPG archive). 45 engravings are listed in Burgess, Portraits in the Wellcome Institute, 1973, pp 187-9.

Drawing by Smirke mentioned by Diary of Joseph Farington, 25 September 1796.

Portrait by J. R. Smith exhibited RA 1800 (565); a pastel drawing is in the Wellcome Institute (1527.1), with mezzotint by Smith himself published 1800 (reproduced W. R. LeFanu, A Bio-Bibliography of Edward Jenner, 1951, frontispiece), three-quarter-length leaning against a tree, Berkeley with meadows and cows in background; Burgess lists 23 engravings and variants of this drawing of which Jenner himself said that 'Smith's with a few careless touches from the engraver degenerates into an assassin' (J. J. Abraham, Lettsom, 1933, pp 338-9).

Silhouette on title-page of Lettsom's Observations on the Cow Pock, 1801, is attributed by Burgess to ?Miers.

German medal in silver by F. W. Loos, obverse a bust of Jenner, reverse 7 children dancing round a cow (Laurence Brown, British Historical Medals, 1980, 412); another medal by Loos has Hygeia protecting a child from a winged demon, a cow on her shield (Johns Hopkins University numismatic collection).

Oils by Northcote (see NPG 62).

Jenner's half-length figure was added by Samuel Medley at the back of his group 'The Founders' Picture' in the Medical Society of London representing Lettsom presenting the deeds in 1788, painted 1800 and engraved without Jenner in 1801 (see Abraham's Lettsom, 1933, p 336).

Drawing by J. B. Drayton 'done from the life' 1805 for a medal, engraved by Anker Smith; the medal was struck in 1896 (John Baron, Life of Edward Jenner, 1838, I, pp 76-7 and Wellcome 1527.27).

Bust by C. Manning exhibited RA 1805 (723) and replica RA 1809 (879); another by S. Manning exhibited RA 1823 (1063); one was owned by Dr Baron (John Baron, Life of Edward Jenner, 1838, II, p 97), another in 1973 with one of Manning's descendants; mezzotint by Hodgetts (Wellcome 1527.40)

Miniature by J. Robinson exhibited RA 1808 (708).

Miniature by John Hazlitt exhibited RA 1809 (717) with a mezzotint by Charles Turner published 20 October 1808 (Alfred Whitman, Charles Turner, 1907, 280).

Oil by Lawrence in Royal College of Physicians of London, head and shoulders to left in grey-green coat, according to Garlick the head only apparently by Lawrence, reproduced Wolstenholme and Piper, The Royal College of Physicians: Portraits, 1964, p 245.

Miniature by P. Hervé exhibited RA 1814 (422).

Jenner appears at the extreme right of Stephanoff's 'Trial of Queen Caroline' among a group of artists, men of letters and scientists, engraved Murray.

Oil by William Hobday in Royal Society of Medicine, exhibited RA 1822 (147), engraved by Sharp & Skelton 1826, three-quarter-length seated, left arm on a volume of John Hunter.

Pencil drawing in Wellcome Institute (1527.39) there attributed to Edridge.

Statue by Sievier in Gloucester Cathedral, exhibited RA 1825 (1061), together with another by E. H. Baily (1046).

Drawing by Corbould of a marble bust (perhaps Manning's), lithographed by R. J. Lane 1827.

Oil by Henry Wyatt in the Wellcome Institute.

'Men of Science Living in 1807-8' by Gilbert (NPG 1075).

Bronze statue by W. Calder Marshall, originally in Trafalgar Square, was moved to the Long Walk, Kensington Gardens in 1862 (see 'Statues of Jenner in England', British Medical Journal, 1913, II, p 1601).

Statues by M. E. Paul in Boulogne, Place des Bains (Illustrated London News, 30 September 1865, p 301) and with Heim Gallery, London in 1982, by Giulio Monteverde in Genoa, and by others elsewhere in Europe.

Bronze group by Monteverde (1878) in Wellcome Institute, life-size, vaccinating his son.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Walker, Regency Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, 1985, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.