Later Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston (1858-1927), Explorer and colonial administrator

Paintings, drawing, sculptures and prints
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Paintings, drawing, sculptures and printsback to top

Chalk drawing by Theodore Blake Wirgman; see NPG 2902.

Pen and ink caricature drawing by Harry Furniss; see NPG 3473.

Caricature drawing by Edward Tennyson Reed, whole-length, profile to left, marching towards Africans, giraffe etc., holding palette and mahlstick, under sun-umbrella held by very tall African; untraced. Repr. Punch, (year unknown, captioned ‘One of the mightiest factors yet introduced into central Africa : Sir H*** J*** KGB’); and Johnston 1929, facing p.218 (where credited to Punch).

Plaster bust by Henry Alfred Pegram; untraced; formerly with Royal African Society. Exh. RA 1904 (1699); repr. Cassells RA Pictures 1904, p.92. Photographed when offered to NPG 1935.

Black chalk drawing, 385 x 275mm on sheet 484 x 310mm, by Kathleen Shackleton, signed and inscr., head-and-shoulders to front; RGS, London, X0037/018240.

Undated portraitback to top

Charcoal drawing by Alan Story, head-and-shoulders; untraced; formerly in the possession of Johnston’s sister Mrs James Henderson, near Sheffield, 1935 (ref. NPG NoS [H.H. Johnston]).

Photographsback to top

Carte-de-visite by London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company, three-quarter-length, half-profile to left, standing, waxed moustache, holding top hat in right hand and cane in left; print Bonhams, 29 June 2004 (49), with manuscript letters, sketches and another carte, half-length, looking to right, smaller moustache, wearing sombrero-style hat.

Cabinet card by Walery [Stanislas Julian, Count Ostrorog], in collection taken for Members of Royal Colonial Inst., indexed as ‘H.H.Johnston, F.R.G.S’, head-and-shoulders vignette, looking to left, waxed and curled moustache, wearing jacket and stiff collar; coll. Royal Commonwealth Inst., Cambridge UL, 3/165. Repr. Review of Reviews 1890, frontispiece (with facsimile signature dated Feb. 1889 and facsimile inscr. below, ‘A souvenir in case I get killed picturesquely in Africa’); and Scribner’s Magazine, Feb. 1891, p.190 (as vignette).

Photograph by unidentified photographer, three-quarter-length slightly to left, looking to front, standing, hands clasped, wearing Eton collar and fitted coat; repr. Johnston 1923, facing p.100 (dated 1888); and (re-photographed from poor print) Oliver 1957, facing p.65.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, apparently signed by sitter, head-and-shoulders to front, with large moustache, wing collar and high-buttoned jacket; repr. as engr. by AR Co. with facsimile handwriting, Review of Reviews (year unknown), p.98 (captioned ‘Mr. H. H. Johnston, C.B., Consul at Mozambique’); and as engr. Scribner’s Magazine, Feb. 1891, p.98 (as vignette).

reg. 1894
Photographs by Elliott & Fry, two known poses:
(a) 145 x 100mm, head-and-shoulders vignette to front, smiling, with large curled moustache and spotted bowtie; reg. for copyright 1894 Aug. 10: National Archives (COPY 1/417/348).
(b) 145 x 10mm, dressed as in (a), three-quarter-length, almost profile to left, seated in chair, legs crossed, hands clasped, wearing glove on left hand only; reg. for copyright 1894 Aug. 10 (COPY 1/417/349).
Either (a) or (b) repr. Marsh 1897, p.47.

Photograph, 195 x 126mm, by Kate Pragnell, half-length to front, standing, hands under chin, elbows resting on a block; reg. for copyright 1896 Oct. 30: National Archives (COPY 1/427/480). Repr. Graphic, 17 Oct. 1896, p.486; Johnston 1897, title page (vignette); and ‘A Lady Photographer: An Interview with Miss Kate Pragnell by Ignota’, Woman at Home, no.67, Apr. 1899. Taken at the time of Johnston’s marriage.

Photograph by unidentified photographer, three-quarter-length to left, seated in ornate chair, wearing dark jacket and waistcoat with pinstripe trousers and large loosely knotted bowtie; repr. Bonhams, 16 Mar. 2000 (with lot 92).

Quarter-plate nitrate negative, possibly taken by himself, ‘with monkey’; RGS, London, G058/989.

Glass negative, 210 x 163mm, taken by himself in Uganda, whole-length to right, facing forwards, seated on animal skin on seat, wearing trilby hat, thorn tree in background; RGS, London, G058/1236 [Image S0011069] (where dated to May 1900).

Quarter-plate nitrate negative, 106 x 80mm, taken by himself at Ruwenzori, Uganda, half-length, facing forwards, wearing army greatcoat and forage cap; RGS, London, G058/0987 [Image S0012391] (where dated to Sept. 1900).

Photograph, 280 x 210mm, by unidentified photographer, three-quarter-length to left, facing forwards, seated with right hand in lap and left on arm of bentwood chair, wearing wing collar and blazer with braided edges; RGS, London, PR/026636 (C). Repr. Weinthal 1923, vol.1, p.66 (cropped) and as photo plate inset, vol.3, p.330 (oval).

Photograph by unidentified photographer, whole-length, seated on right in group portrait; Cambridge UL, Johnston Papers, image on microfilm reel MC17 (where dated 25 Feb. 1907).

Nitrate negative, 102 x 80mm, by A. Greaves, half-length, seated, wearing bowler hat, in the centre of canoe on the Mississippi river, USA, with two women in the stern and oarsman towards the bow; RGS, London, G058/0850 [Image S0011070].

Bromide print, 147 x 104mm, by Walter Stoneman for James Russell & Sons for NPR, half-length to front, right hand to cheek, left arm on table in foreground; NPG Ax39104.

Photographs by unidentified photographer, outdoors at sitter’s home, St John’s Priory near Arundel, two known poses:
(a) half-length to left, to front, seated on garden chair, hands on lap, ancient door and foliage in background; RGS, London [Image S0015018].
(b) whole-length to front, standing before ancient doorway, hands in pockets; repr. Johnston 1929, frontispiece.

after 1920
Photograph by unidentified photographer, head-and-shoulders, half-profile to right, grey hair and moustache; repr. The Times, 1 Aug. 1927, p.12.

Photograph by Swaine, head-and-shoulders to front, wearing double-breasted coat; repr. as photogravure by Emery Walker, Johnston 1923, frontispiece.
Probably from the same session, half-length to front, seated behind table writing, candle either side; repr. Oliver 1957, facing p.341.

Undated photographback to top

Sepia print, 209 x 155mm, by unidentified photographer, whole-length to left, head turned to front, seated playing piano; RGS, London, 026636 (D).

Doubtful photographback to top

Sepia print, 192 x 278mm (damaged), by unidentified photographer, Johnston said to be tenth from right on back row of group of about 50 men, women and girls; RGS, London, PR/026636 (E). The figure thus positioned is a large man, taller than the rest of the sitters, holding a pith helmet. Johnston is always described as short. Possibly taken on the same occasion as that dated to 25 Feb. 1907 (see above).

Dr Jan Marsh