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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Charles John Kean (1811-1868), Actor and theatre manager; second son of Edmund Kean

Popular prints of Kean are listed in L. A. Hall, Catalogue of Dramatic Portraits in the Theatre Collection of the Harvard College Library, II (Cambridge, Mass, 1931), 334-8 (there are some examples in the British Museum and the NPG, and others are reproduced R. Mander and J. Mitchenson, A Picture History of the British Theatre (1957)).
A painting by H. W. Phillips (as Louis XI) is in the Garrick Club, London; a painting, of which the head was painted by E. Opie (as Richard III), was exhibited SKM, 1868 (436), and VE, 1892 (298), lent by Mrs Logie; a painting by W. Daniels (as Hamlet) is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, exhibited SKM, 1868 (568); a painting attributed to W. Mulready (as Hamlet) was in the collection of E. Langston, 1904; a painting called Kean (as Hamlet) by R. Dadd was in the collection of E. Kersley; a painting by Blackie was sold Christie's, 22 July 1871 (lot, 141); a painting by H. Phipps (as Richard III) was in the Dublin Exhibition, 1872, 'National Portrait Gallery' (230), lent by Mrs Charles Kean; a water-colour by Miss C. S. Lane (as Louis XI) was exhibited RA, 1855 (1048), and lithographed by R. J. Lane, published J. Mitchell (example in NPG); a water-colour of c.1858 by an unknown artist, possibly L. S. Starkley (with Mrs Kean, as Benedict and Beatrice), is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, as is 'Henry VIII, Princess Theatre, 1855', a water-colour by F. Lloyds in which Kean appears, reproduced Mander and Mitchenson, p 103, a water-colour by A. E. Chalon (as Sir Walter Amyott) was exhibited RA, 1848 (981), lithographed by R. J. Lane, published J. Mitchell (example in NPG), lithograph exhibited RA, 1848 (1090); other water-colours by Chalon were lithographed by E. Morton (as Hamlet), published J. Mitchell, 1838 (example in British Museum), and by R. J. Lane (as Macbeth), published J. Mitchell, 1840 (example in NPG); miniatures by J. W. Childe and by T. Carrick were exhibited RA, 1840 (771), and 1842 (870); a drawing by D. Maclise was in the collection of the artist's niece, see W. J. O'Driscoll, Daniel Maclise (1871), pp 34-5, where a lithograph after the drawing is recorded; a bust by E. G. Papworth junior (as Wolsey) was exhibited RA, 1856 (1310); busts by F. B. Tussaud and by T. Butler were exhibited RA, 1855 (1471), and 1857 (1313); an engraving by H. Brocas (as Richard III) for the Dublin Monthly Museum, 1814, is recorded by W. G. Strickland, Dictionary of Irish Artists (1913), I, 90; three lithographs by R. J. Lane (as Hamlet, Shylock, and Richard III) were published J. Mitchell, 1839 (examples in Harvard Theatre Collection); two woodcuts were published ILN, XXXV (1859), 131, after a photograph by Mayall, and LII (1868), 117; there are various photographs in the NPG, and one is reproduced J. W. Cole, The Life and Theatrical Times of Charles Kean (1860), I, frontispiece.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.