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Early Victorian Portraits Catalogue

Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence (1806-1857), General in the East India Company

A painting by J. R. Dicksee is in the National Gallery of Ireland, exhibited London International Exhibition, 1872 (459); a copy by Miss M. Saunders is in the Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta; a painting by J. H. Millington was exhibited VE, 1892 (302), lent by Sir Henry Lawrence; a painting by an unknown artist of c.1827 is in the collection of Sir John Lawrence, exhibited Great Irishmen, Ulster Museum, Belfast, 1965 (114b); a miniature of c.1827 is in the same collection; a painting by H. W. Phillips is in the Lawrence Asylum, India, exhibited RA, 1862 (4); another painting by Phillips, presumably a replica, was lent to the Dublin Exhibition, 1872, 'Portraits' (257), by Lady Lawrence; a copy of the Phillips by J. E. Breun is in the East India and Sports Club, London; Lawrence appears in the painting of 'A Durbar at Udaipur, 1855' by F. C. Lewis in the India Office Library, London; an untitled portrait was exhibited Victorian Era Exhibition, 'Historical Section' (727), lent by Sir Henry Lawrence; a marble statue by J. G. Lough of 1862, with a bas-relief of Lawrence on the plinth, is in St Paul's Cathedral, London; a plaster model for this, together with another model for a bust or statue, was formerly at Elswick Hall, Newcastle, listed in Catalogue of Lough and Noble Models at Elswick Hall (c.1928), pp 43-4 (149) and p 13 (24); another statue by Lough is at Lahore, and a third on the exterior of the old India Office building; there is also a bust by an unknown artist in the India Office; a medallion by J. H. Foley is in St Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta; there is an anonymous engraving (example in NPG), possibly the engraving by A. N. Sanders, exhibited RA, 1867 (939); two lithographs by M. and N. Hanhart are in the India Office Library, and an anonymous one in the Victoria and Albert Museum; there is a photograph, after a miniature or painting by a native artist, in the NPG (A. Constable stated that these photographs were sold as souvenirs, letter of 23 July 1887, NPG archives); a miniature by a native artist is in the Art Gallery, Lahore (according to Sir Alexander Lawrence, who owned a copy, letter of 29 May 1923, NPG archives); an engraving by W. J. Edwards, after a photograph, was published J. S. Virtue (example in the NPG); Lawrence appears in 'The Intellect and Valour of Great Britain', engraving by C. G. Lewis, after T. J. Barker, published J. G. Browne, Leicester, 1864 (example in NPG); key-plate, published Browne, 1863 (example in British Museum); a photograph of 1857 by Ahmed Ali Khan (copy in NPG), known as 'Chotay Meah' (see letters from A. Constable, NPG archives), was engraved by H. Adlard as the frontispiece to L. E. Rees' Narrative of the Siege of Lucknow (1858); another photograph by Ali Khan shows Lawrence, George Lawrence and Sir Herbert Edwardes (copy in the NPG); a daguerreotype was reproduced Picture Post, 3 June 1939; a photograph by Captain Hutchinson (Bengal Engineers), with Edwardes and Montgomery, was engraved by E. Roffe for Rev J. Cave-Browne, The Punjab and Delhi in 1857 (1861), I, frontispiece.

This extended catalogue entry is from the out-of-print National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: Richard Ormond, Early Victorian Portraits, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1973, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.