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Later Stuart Portraits Catalogue

Thomas Parker, 1st Earl of Macclesfield (1667-1732), Lord Chancellor

M. Parker, Scattered Notes of Shirburn Castle, 1887, p 40, listed three portraits of Macclesfield: two Knellers, a whole-length and a kit-cat, and a portrait by Closterman of 1703. G. F. Russell Barker in DNB 1895 stated there were ‘five portraits of Macclesfield - three by Kneller, one by John Riley, and one by Closterman - … at Shirburn Castle’, of which only two by Kneller are identified below. Shirburn was bought by the 1st Earl in 1716; at the time of writing it is owned by Beechwood Estates.

Painting by Thomas Murray, engraved J. Simon (J. Chaloner Smith, British Mezzotinto Portraits, 118) as half-length oval, lettered: … Sir Thomas Parker Kt. Lord Cheif Justice of the Court of Queen’s Bench …

Two drawings by Edward Byng, three-quarter-length standing, as lord chief justice, from an unidentified original. British Museum (E. Croft-Murray & P. Hulton, British Museum, Catalogue of British Drawings: XVI and XVII centuries, I, 1960, pp 227, 236: 1897.8.13.6; Byng 5:f.34r, and 1897.8.137; Byng 6:f.1r).

Painting by Godfrey Kneller, see under NPG 799.

Painting attributed to Godfrey Kneller, three-quarter-length seated to left as lord chancellor, his right glove in his gloved left hand. Althorp (K. J. Garlick, ‘A Catalogue of Pictures at Althorp’, Wal. Soc., XLV, 1976, p 47, no.367 as after Kneller). Exhibited Second Special Exhibition of National Portraits ( ... William and Mary to MDCCC), South Kensington, 1867, no.224. Versions listed at Shirburn and in the Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Brunswick (611; illus. Bilder norddeutscher Meister, 1989, pp 26-27).

Painting by Giuseppe Grisoni, whole-length as lord chancellor, wearing Baron’s parliamentary robes and surrounded by allegorical figures indicating philanthropy and patronage. Hinton Ampner Manor, from the Heathcote family (descendants of the sitter); Christie’s, 27 May 1938, lot 23 (illus. E. K. Waterhouse, The Dictionary of British 18th Century Painters in oils and crayons, 1981, p 152; Apollo, CXLVIII, July, 1998, p 23). Exhibited Italian Art and Britain, RA, 1960, no.146. A preliminary drawing by Grisoni is in the British Museum (1943.0710.14; illus. Burlington Magazine, CII, 1960, p 70); a reduced version sold Christie’s, 24 November 1972, lot 129.

Painting by Godfrey Kneller, whole-length wearing earl’s parliamentary robes, with coronet and Great Seal. Inner Temple (J. D. Stewart, Godfrey Kneller, 1983, no.449; presented by F. O. White 1898). Engraved G. Vertue 1722 (D. Alexander, ‘George Vertue as an Engraver’, Wal. Soc., LXX, 2008, no.371). Versions with the Government Art Collection (5804; presented by A. L. Goodhart 1962; illus. The Public Catalogue Foundation, Government Art Collection, 2007, p 165) and Harvard Law School. Three-quarter-length versions, without coronet, in Derby Art Gallery (from Christie’s, 27 May 1938, lot 33); offered in 1860 to the NPG by Henry Graves (Sir George Scharf’s Trustees’ Sketch Books,?3:79); sold Christie’s, 9 June 1950, lot 116, and Sotheby’s, 10 July 1996, lot 28.
Other whole-lengths attributed to Kneller have been listed at Trinity College, Cambridge (presented by the sitter’s brother, 1753), and at Shirburn.

Bust modelled by J. M. Rysbrack (G. Vertue, Notebooks, Wal. Soc., XXII, 1934, p 56, in 1732), a marble version not then known. A cast, bare-headed with drapery round shoulders, in the Shirburn library sale, Christie’s, 1 December 2005, lot 71.

This extended catalogue entry is from the National Portrait Gallery collection catalogue: John Ingamells, National Portrait Gallery: Later Stuart Portraits 1685-1714, National Portrait Gallery, 2009, and is as published then. For the most up-to-date details on individual Collection works, we recommend reading the information provided in the Search the Collection results on this website in parallel with this text.